Richard L Reynolds


I study influences of climatic variability and land uses on American drylands—their ecosystems, surface materials, and geologic underpinnings—with emphasis on sediment eroded and deposited by wind, mostly as atmospheric dust. Dust represents local, regional, and global translocation of enormous amounts of matter and energy. I attempt to comprehend the mineralogic and geochemical properties of dust that generate effects on climate, weather, ecosystem health, water resources (effects of dust on melting of snow and ice), ocean fertility, and the health of a significant proportion of earth’s people. I have also participated in research on Hawaiian coral-reef health in settings of coastal erosion and sediment run-off.

Recent Accomplishments


  • A.B., Cum Laude, Geological Sciences, Princeton University, 1968
  • M.S., Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, 1970
  • Ph.D., Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, 1975

Professional Studies/Experience

  • 1975-2012 Research Geologist, USGS (with periodic supervisory positions)
  • 2002 Acting Program Manager, Earth Surface Dynamics (Global Change) Program, USGS
  • 2012-2013 Senior Scientist
  • Development of dry landscapes—past, present, and future—through understanding interactions among geologic, ecologic, land-use, and climatic processes *
  • Geologic, biologic, and human controls on dust generation *
  • Roles of dust in dryland ecosystem dynamics *
  • Geochemistry and mineralogy of modern dust and dust-source sediments*
  • Quaternary climate and responses of landscapes to climatic change and human activities*
  • Environmental magnetism—applications to geomorphology and surficial processes *
  • Iron-sulfur diagenesis and its effects on magnetic properties of lake sediments, with applications to paleomagnetic and environmental change records *
  •  Chemical and magnetic records of airborne pollution*
  •  Recognition of land-derived sediments and processes of sediment discharge and transport across and onto sensitive coral reefs
  • Evolution of volcanic fields
  •  Paleomagnetism of Tertiary and Quaternary volcanic rocks
  • Effects of alteration on magnetic properties of igneous rocks
  •  Sources of magnetic anomalies in the shallow crust
  •  Origins of uranium deposits
  • Field geologic research, Antarctica (1970-1971; 1978-1979)


  • University of Minnesota, Adjunct Research Professor
  • University of Colorado, Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research, Affiliate
  • University of Colorado, Graduate Faculty
  • University of Oxford, 2013 seminar for School of Geography and the Environment, Dust and Human Health. 
  • University of Oxford, Astor Lectureship, 2011.University of Utah Distinguished Lecture;
  • Univ. of Cape Town;
  • Colorado School of Mines, VanTuyl Lecture;
  • Lehigh Univ. (Sigma Xi induction ceremony);
  • Universities of Oregon, New Mexico, Minnesota, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Texas;
  • Princeton Univ.;
  • Allegheny College; 
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research;
  • Egyptian Geological Survey and Mining Authority;
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.;
  • Federal agencies (non-USGS since 2000):
  • DOI Managers;
  • EPA (Long-range transport of biological contaminants; and dust in North America);
  • NPS (Air Quality Div.);
  • BLM (Annual Science Conf. Keynote)

Professional societies/affiliations/committees/editorial boards

  • Geological Society of America; elected Fellow 1994
  • American Geophysical Union.  Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research; 1992-1995
  • Yellowstone-Bighorn Research Association
  • American Quaternary Association
  • International Medical Geology Association
  • International Society for Aeolian Research (guest editor, Aeolian Research 2013-14; Board of Directors, 2014-2016)
  • USGS (recent): Contributor to Global Change Program Vision and Strategy (2010); Global Change Program Research Plan for 2011-2015 (2010); Global Change Research Plan 2005-2010 (2004); Earth Surface Dynamics (global change) Program Coordinator Acting, 2002. U.S. Global Change Research Program, writer for Strategic Plan 2012-2021. 
  • Academic community:Graduate Faculty, University of Colorado, (1980-1981; 1993-present). Thesis committees (Univ. of Colorado (dates above), Univ. of Michigan (1989-1991), Michigan Tech Univ. (1979), Univ. of Utah (2004-2008). Five Ph.D.; six M.S.
  • National Science Foundation: Chair, Site-review panel for Science & Technology Center Program, 1988. Conference Organizing Committee, “Paleoclimate of W. North America” Albuquerque, 1994-95. Reviewer of research proposals for Geosciences (Earth Sciences—eight Programs; Atmospheric Sciences—two Programs); Biological Sciences (Ecosystem Science); Polar Programs.  Committee of Visitors review panel for Surface Earth Processes programs, 2011. 
  • Reviewer of research proposals for (selected short list): American Chemical Society; Sigma Xi; DOE Energy Programs; Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Environmental Quality & LITHOPROBE); National Institute for Global Environmental Changes; W.M. Keck Foundation; U.S. National Res. Council, Office for Eastern Europe and Europe; National Geographic Society; Ocean Drilling Project; Kearney Foundation of Soil Science; School of Forestry, Univ. Northern Arizona; State of Montana.
  • Technical reviewer of manuscripts for JGR-Solid Earth, -Atmospheres; -Earth Surface; Geophys. Res. Letts; Geochem., Geophys., Geosys. (G3); Tectonics; AGU Handbook of Physical Constants; Geophys. J. Roy. Astr. Soc.; Nature; Science; Geophysics; Earth & Planet. Sci. Letts.; The Holocene; Quat. Res.; Quat Int’l; GSA Bull., Memoirs, Spec. Papers.; Geology; J. Sed. Petr.; Geol. Soc. London Special Publ.; Canadian J. Earth Sci.; Global Biogeochem. Cycles; J. Paleolim.; Ecosystems;Aeolian Res.; J. Arid Environments; Catena; Earth Surf. Processes & Landforms; Geoderma; J. Environmental Management; Nonlinear Dynamics; Ecol. Appl.; Ground Water; Climate Change National Assessment, U.S. Global Change Res. Program; 10 other journals
  • Chair, Rock Magnetism and Petrology, Lithospheric-Magnetic Fields Group of the National Geomagnetism Initiative, U.S. Geodynamics Committee. 1991-1992
  • Organizing Committee, 2005-2006, 6th International Conference on Aeolian Research, Guelph, Canada
  • United States Representative on UNESCO-funded project IGCP-500, “Westerlies and monsoons: Impacts of climate change and variability on dryland environments, hydrology, and people”, a project designed to enhance the welfare of dryland societies. (2004-2009)
  • Review and Advisory Comm., Institute for Rock Magnetism, Univ. of Minnesota, 1990-1994; Chair 1992-1994; 2010-2011.

Honors, awards, recognition, elected offices

  • 1969 Guest student investigator--Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.
  • 1972 Recipient--NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant.
  • 1972 Recipient--Sigma Xi, Grant-in-Aid of Research.
  • 1972 Recipient--GSA Research Grant.
  • 1992 Award for the Best Paper in Geophysics.
  • 1993 Visiting Fellow, Institute for Rock Magnetism, Univ. Minnesota
  • 1994 Elected Fellow, Geological Society of America.
  • 1995 Co-recipient of the Chandler-Misener Award, Best Paper in the Jour. Great Lakes Research (v. 20).
  • Meritorious Service Award, Department of the Interior (1995).
  • 2007 Co-recipient, Kirk Bryan Award for best publication in the field of Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology, Geological Society of America.
  • 2011 Astor Visiting Lecturer for the Humanities (School of Geography and the Environment), Univ. of Oxford
  • 2012-2014 Distinguished Visiting Scholar, School of Geography and the Environment, Univ. of Oxford
  • 2012 Appointed Senior Scientist, USGS

Scientific/Oral Presentations, Abstracts


 About 165 peer-reviewed papers: ~100 in professional journals; 15 book chapters; 6 publications in conference proceedings; 2 in EOS; Trans. Am. Geophys. Union; 43 USGS Professional Paper chapters, Bulletins, Open-file Reports. About 220 peer-reviewed abstracts.


Selected Publications Since 1990

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