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Roland W Tollett

Roland Wayne Tollett played his way through college, from playing baseball in the fields throughout the deep south to mapping in the fields of Colorado and Wyoming. Roland played baseball at Chipola Jr. College in Marianna, Florida (1988-1990) and Louisiana Tech University (1990-1992). In spite of this, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in geology from Louisiana Tech University in Augus

Roland received a master’s degree in Geology and Geophysics from Louisiana State University in 1998.  While at LSU, Roland studied under the guidance Prof. Ray E. Ferrell, Jr., a widely respected clay mineralogist.  Roland completed a variety of college and USGS courses related to water-quality and hydrology.  Though he prefers field work like many of his colleagues, Roland has contributed to numerous report publications, including proceeding abstracts, Data Series Reports, OFRs, WRIRs, SIRs, Fact Sheets, and a Circular.  Roland is a contributing author for program letters and quarterly reports for the Fort Polk Military Project (1996-present).  Roland is a member of the ACAD NAWQA Study Unit (1997-present).  Roland currently is assisting with the Fort Polk Project, co-authoring a NAWQA regional summary report for the Mississippi Embayment-Texas Coastal Uplands Principal Aquifer, and working as a team member in the Ruston Program Office, LA, for the deployment of pressure transducers to document hurricane storm surge.  Roland has given over 10 professional presentations to a variety of audiences, such as a Sustainability Conference at the Fort Polk Military Reservation, LA, the USGS DODEC conference in Gulfport, MS, and the NGWA (National Ground Water Association) conference in San Antonio, TX (April 2005).

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