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Ronald Busciolano

Ron Busciolano is a supervisory hydrologist with the USGS New York Water Science Center and is currently the Data Chief of the Hydrologic Surveillance and Analysis Section for the Coram Program Office.

Ron began working for the USGS on Long Island, New York during 1985 and currently oversees the operation and administration of a multi-disciplinary data-collection program that encompasses a network of approximately 600 groundwater and surface-water stations. This network is the primary source of hydrologic data for the region, which includes Long Island and the five boroughs of New York City, one of the most populated areas in the Nation. Ron has extensive field and technical knowledge of the area’s hydrogeology and is highly skilled in the technical analysis and interpretation of long-term groundwater and surface-water data. He has authored numerous water-table and potentiometric-surface-map reports and has developed the first drought-monitoring network for Long Island by using statistical analysis of long-term groundwater, surface-water, and precipitation records.


Ron is also North Atlantic Region Coordinator for the USGS Surge, Wave, and Tide Hydrodynamics (SWaTH) Network; a network developed as part of the Theme 3 work for the USGS Hurricane Sandy Science Plan. As coordinator, he provides management and coordination for activation of the USGS SWaTH Network during intense coastal storms, and guides USGS Water Science Centers from North Carolina to Maine on the scope and timing of any such deployment. The SWaTH Network ( was developed collaboratively with local, State, Tribal, and Federal agency partners, and features the integration of long-term real-time tide gages, storm deployable real-time rapid-deployment gages, and mobile storm-tide and wave sensors at over 700 pre-determined locations along the eastern seaboard from North Carolina to Maine.