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Ryan C Cahalan, PhD

Ryan is a research geologist with the GMEG Science Center in Portland, Oregon. Since joining the USGS in 2020, Ryan has devoted his career to studying shallow geothermal energy and volcanic systems. Presently, his research focuses on modeling heat recovery in underground thermal energy storage (UTES).

Ryan Cahalan joined the USGS after completing a PhD at the University of Oregon on modeling multiphase transport in water-rich volcanic eruptions. His first project with the USGS was in collaboration with Cascades and Hawaiian Volcano Observatories, studying the December 2020 Kīlauea Volcano eruption focusing on the interaction of the erupted lava and the summit water lake. In November 2022, Ryan joined the Geothermal Resource Investigations Project (GRIP) where he applies his flow modeling background to new problems in underground thermal energy storage. Ryan is also the Powell Center Fellow for the City-scale Geothermal Energy Project.

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