Suresh Andrew Sethi, Ph.D.

Suresh is the Assistant Leader of the New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University.


Only Suresh's five most recent publications are shown here. For more information about Suresh, including a full publications list, visit his profile page on the New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit web site.
Suresh also can be reached at his Cornell University email


  • Ph D University of Washington 2011
  • MS University of Washington 2007
  • BS University of Wisconsin 2001

Research Interests

The core of Suresh's research program centers around quantitative fisheries science in both freshwater and marine environments, with a goal of informing fisheries and aquatic natural resource management efforts. Research topics include population abundance and demographic assessments, habitat use studies, phenology, aquatic invasive species management and incorporation of genetic tools into fish and wildlife management. Natural resource systems are linked social-ecological systems; effective management requires consideration of ecological, economic, and sociocultural components of natural resource systems. As such, he also maintains cross-disciplinary collaborations in the social and managerial sciences which seek to understand the dynamics of resource users and identify mechanisms to cope with high variability inherent in natural resource systems. Research topics of interest for these collaborations include risk assessment and risk management in natural resource systems.

Teaching Interests

  • Applied statistics
  • Fisheries ecology
  • Natural resource management science