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Sylvia Stork

Sylvia Stork is the principal Data Administrator with the Groundwater Ambient Monitoring & Assessment (GAMA) project in the California Water Science Center.

We have a great team to assure that we collect and document high-quality scientifically defensible data from the proposal through publication.

I am the project chief for the CAWSC Well Completion Report data collection and attribution effort, working with the State Water Resources Control Board, the Department of Water Resources, and various local agencies such as Tulare County and the Mojave Water Association to attribute selected well construction and aquifer lithologies to share with the public. I am also very involved in the supervision and mentoring of student interns and junior staff.

Over my 30 year tenure I have worked for various projects including the San Joaquin Valley Drainage Program (SJVDP), the National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) San Joaquin Study Unit, the CAWSC Remote Sensing Group, and the CAWSC Data Management Section. I have washed dishes in the lab, done microwave soil digestions, measured water-levels, collected water-quality samples, been the principle field tech for groundwater tracer studies, conducted vadose pore water sampling in Tulare Lake basin, logged continuous core auger wells, spent many hours canvassing for drilling sites and domestic wells to sample, conducted multiple surface water tracer studies on small sloughs in Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge, done analyses for surface water dye studies on the San Joaquin River, seined hundreds of fish in one haul in a San Joaquin backwater, collected algae and insects from Merced River rocks and banks in Yosemite National Park, worked with satellite data for land subsidence studies, built databases, and reviewed a lot of data. I have a B.S. in Physics from CSU, Sacramento.

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