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Theresa Schwartz


I am a clastic sedimentary geologist with broad interests in the realm of tectonics and sedimentary basins.

My research focuses on multiple themes: (1) the sedimentology/stratigraphy of depositional environments that occur over a wide range of settings (covering the spectrum from subaerial to submarine fans); (2) understanding sediment routing within and between those settings; and (3) understanding tectonic and climatic drivers of paleoenvironmental change with emphasis on how those processes/events are manifested in the sedimentary record. My research combines field geology, sediment provenance data, geochronology, paleoclimate/paleoaltitude proxies, and geophysical/remote sensing data to provide a better understanding of regional tectonism, basin evolution, and stratigraphy, thereby facilitating a better understanding of the geology of the Intermountain West.