Weston Thelen

I love earthquakes.  I love volcanoes.  What could be better than studying earthquakes on volcanoes?  Probably nothing.


My education is in both geology and geophysics with a focus more recently on volcanoes.  I have experience on both stratovolcanoes and basaltic volcanoes in Russia, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii.  I've worked in eruptive scenarios at Mount St. Helens in 2004-2008, Redoubt in 2008 and Kilauea from 2011 till 2020.  In addition, I've held positions at the Nevada Seismological Network, the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network and the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, which have all had components of network seismology to them.  



USGS Cascade Volcano Observatory

Position: Research Geophysicist, Rainier Lahar Detection System Science Lead

Project: Undertake and facilitate research on Cascade Range Volcanoes.  Monitor seismicity on Cascade Range Volcanoes to assess volcanic hazard.  Assist in planning, prioritization and execution of maintenance and growth of volcano monitoring networks in Oregon and Washington.

Dates of Employment: 2016-present


USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

Position: Seismic Network Manager/ Supervisory Geophysicist

Responsibilities: Maintain and improve real-time monitoring and operations of the seismic network at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.  Interpret seismic data for changes in volcanic activity.  Analyze earthquake data.

Dates of Employment: 2011-2015


Professional Preparation

Undergraduate Education

  • 2004: University of Nevada, B.S. in Geophysics with high distinction 2004
  • 2004: University of Nevada, B.S. in Geology with high distinction 2004


Graduate Education

  •        2009: University of Washington, Ph.D in Geophysics


Post-doctoral Appointments

  • 2009: University of Washington, Network Seismology
  • 2010: USGS Cascade Volcano Observatory, Volcano Seismology



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