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What streamflow statistics and basin characteristics does StreamStats provide?

StreamStats offers a variety of streamflow statistics and basin characteristics but because the application is built on state/regional data, the products offered for each will vary. 

The information provided varies by State, as programming for each State is separate in StreamStats. This allows the application to be customized for the needs of individual States. All streamflow statistics and basin characteristics provided for USGS data-collection stations were published previously in reports or on the Web, and a reference is provided for each item of information. The database contains more than 2,500 different types of streamflow statistics and basin characteristics, but only a small number of them will commonly be available for individual data-collection stations or ungaged sites. The Basin Characteristic Definitions and Streamflow Statistic Definitions page provide tables showing the types of basin characteristics and streamflow statistics that may be available, respectively, and their definitions. The basin characteristics that are provided for ungaged sites will include all characteristics that are used in the regression equations that are applicable to the location and may include some additional basin characteristics.