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Coastal Assessments and Risk Forecasts from Hurricanes Fiona and Ian

In FY 2023, USGS received disaster supplement funds (Public Law 117-328) to improve data and tools to assist stakeholders in preparing for severe events.

Hurricane/coastal assessment and risk: tasks and benefits 2023

aerial image of a coastal town with damaged homes and buildings, sand covering the landscape, and water breaches cut through the beach
Section of Sanibel Island after Hurricane Ian, October 2022.
  • Hurricanes Ian and Fiona, which caused major damage ($50–65 billion) during the 2022 hurricane season, demonstrated increased stakeholder needs for data and tools to prepare for severe events.
  • Funding will be used to produce risk models in coastal environments arising from changed elevations and multihazard threat sources including coastal and inland flooding affected by hurricanes, other major storms, and climate change.
  • This work will address needs that extend across coastal settings such as barrier islands, coral reefs, and highly populated estuaries (such as Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico) to support recovery, help mitigate risk, and improve long-term risk management.

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