Human Capital


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All training and workshops can be tailored to meet your specific need. For more information, please contact the CADR Program Manager.

Workshops available upon request:

  • USGS Supervisory Challenge: Defusing Conflict
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Conflict Management Training
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator: "Working Together"
  • Personality DISCernment Inventory
  • Team Conflict Management

Training Courses provided by the CADR Office:

  • Bullying in the Workplace: What Every Employee Needs to Know*
  • Conflict Management for Virtual Teams*
  • Getting to the Core of Conflict (GTCC)* — PDF
  • Getting to the Core of Communications (Challenging Conversations)* — PDF
  • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI): Implementing Effective Conflict Management Strategies with SDI*
  • Supervisory Challenge: Defusing Conflict Presentation*
  • Vital Smarts, Crucial Conversation

*Training course can be provided by Webinar

Training CDs:

Contact the USGS CADR Staff if you would like to order a CD copy of these Web-based training modules.

  • Conflict Happens: How Do You Make It Work For You?
  • Principles of Effective Public Participation

Specialized Training and Assessment Instruments

Additional Training Resources: