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USGS Human Capital A to Z Subject Index

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Absence and Leave Handbook (DOI)
Accident Reporting (On-the-Job Injury)
Acronym List 
Action Learning Scenarios
Additional Training Sources
Administrative Grievance Form, DI-7600
Administrative Grievance Procedure Department Manual (DOI PDF)
Adoption and Leave
ADR-Alternative Dispute Resolution 
Alternate Work Schedule
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Alternative Work Place/Telework
Annual Leave
Anti-Harassment Program (USGS)
Anti-Harassment Policy-Personal DOI Bulletin-18-01
Application for Retirement
Appointing Authorities and Programs
Ask Human Resources Office (HRO)
Assessment & Selection Resources
Automatic Course Announcements (ListServ) 
Avenues Available to Fill Positions
Awards (Honor Information and Recipients) 
Awards (Monetary Information)

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Beneficiary Forms-Designation of
Benefits Bulletins
Benefits, Dental and Vision program (FEDVIP)
Benefits (Federal) News Link
Benefits, Calculators
Benefits-Court Ordered
Benefits, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)/DOI
Benefits, Federal Flexible Spending Account Program (FSAFEDS)
Benefits, Federal Health Benefits (FEHB) Program
Benefits, Federal Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance Program
Benefits Glossary
Benefits, Helpful Links
Benefits, Leave Share Program
Benefits, Life Insurance Program
Benefits, Employee Retirement
Benefits of Mentoring Participation
Benefits, New Hires (PDF 359 KB) 
Benefits, Open Season
Benefits, Sick Leave for Family Care or Bereavement Purposes (OPM) 
Benefits, Social Security
Benefits, TSP
Benefits, Worker's Compensation Program
Benefits, Working for the USGS
Best Places to Work
Bloom's Taxonomy

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Calculator, Benefits
Calculator, TSP
Career Cards (USGS) 
Career Development Program/Upward Mobility
Career, My DOI
Child Care Options
Civility & Inclusion Council (CIC)
Class Rooms (DLC)
Classes, Current USGS Training in DOI Talent 
Classes (How do I take a Leadership class?)
Classes (DLC) in DOI Talent
Classification Guidance
Classification Q & A
Climate Assessments 
Coaching, Conflict and Difficult Conversations 
Code of Conduct (Printout, Poster)
Code of Federal Regulations
Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution (CADR)
Communication, Conflict
Competency Management
Competitive Compensation
Conducting Effective Interviews (PDF)
Confidential Consultation, Conflict Management
Conflict Management Individual & Team
Conflict Resolution
     Human Resources
     Human Resources Director and Associate Director's Office
     Human Resources Regional
     Office of Employee Development
     Organizational Development Network
     SE, SL, and ST
     Strategic Initiatives
Contentious Engagements & Meetings
USGS Continuous Learning Guidance (PDF 144 KB) 
Cooperative Problem Solving
Cooperative Summer Fellowship Program (CSFP) Appointment Fact Sheet
Course Announcements (ListServ) (Internal Document)
Court Ordered Benefits
Creative Problem Solving
Creditable Service for Annual Leave Accrual
Critical Hire Appointment Fact Sheet
CSRS Annuity Computation
CSRS Retirement

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Datamart Queries
Death and Worker's Compensation ProgramDOI
Delegated Examining - Panel Member Information
Demographics, Workforce
Dental Insurance
Denver Federal Center Hotel Information 
Denver Federal Center Map 
Denver International Airport Information (DIA)
Designation of Beneficiary
Details and Temporary Assignments
Developmental Courses and Programs
Differences between Upward Mobility and Career Development
Direct Deposition of Pay by Electronic Funds Transfer
Direct Hire Authorities Available 
Discipline and Adverse Actions (DOI PDF)
Non-Discrimination Policy (PDF)
Dispute Resolution
Distance Learning (DL)
     Available Learning and Development (L&D) Offerings
     Best Practices for Designing a USGS L&D Product When “Training” is Needed
     Getting Started with Developing an L&D Product
Diversity Council Fact Sheet
Diversity and Inclusion Plan (PDF)
Diversity Statement (PDF)
Documentation Requirements for Personnel Actions
DOI Career, My
DOI Talent USGS Human Capital Pages
Drug Testing Code Designations Security Clearance Guidance

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Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF)
Emergency Care of a Minor - Form (PDF) 
Employee and Career Development
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
     EAP Additional Resources and Tips
Employee Express
Employee Handbook (PDF)
Employee Relations
USGS Employment
Employment and Information Center
Employment:  Assessment & Selection Resources
Employment: Critical Hire Appointment Fact Sheet
Employment: Faculty Appointment Fact Sheet
Employment: Field Assistant Appointment Fact Sheet
Employment: Direct Hire Authorities
Employment: Helpful links on USAJOBS
Employment: Hiring a Rehired Annuitant
Employment: Hiring a Reinstatement Eligible 
Employment: Hiring, Recruitment, and Staffing
Employment: Methods for Filling Vacancies in the Competitive Service
Employment: National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) Appointment Fact Sheet
Employment: Noncompetitive Recruitment Sources
Employment: Past Employment and Academic Training Checks
Employment: Pathways Programs-Interns, Recent Graduates and PMF
Employment: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program
Employment: Special Hiring Authorities Available for the Appointment of Veterans
Employment: Student Employment Opportunities
Employment: Term Appointment Guidance
Employment: USGS Postings on USAJOBS
Employment Verification
     Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program Guidance
     Special Hiring Authorities Available for the Appointment of Veterans
Enterprise Position Classification Training Webinar
Entrance on Duty Benefits Information for New Hires Webinar
Entrance on Duty (EOD) Forms Listing
Environmental Conflict Resolution
eOPF (Electronic Official Personnel Folder)
     Employee User Guide
     PIV Card Registration Card
Equal Employment Opportunity:
     Anti-Harassment Policy (PDF)
     Non-discrimination Policy (PDF)
Evaluation — Leadership Program
Excellence in Leadership Information

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Facilitation, Individual and Team
Fact Sheet: Critical Hire Appointment
Fact Sheet: Direct Hire Authorities
Fact Sheet: Faculty Appointment
Fact Sheet: Field Assistant Appointment
Fact Sheet: Hiring a Rehired Annuitant
Fact Sheet: Hiring a Reinstatement Eligible
Fact Sheet: Methods for Filling Vacancies in the Competitive Service
Fact Sheet: National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) Appointment
Fact Sheet: Part-time Work Schedule
Faculty Appointment Fact Sheet
Fair Labor Standards Act
Family Friendly Leave
Family and Medical Leave Act Benefits (FMLA)/DOI
Fax Instructions
Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program
Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS)
Federal Register
FEGLI, Federal Employees Group Life Insurance
Fellowship Program (USGS Postdoctoral Research)
FERS Retirement
Field Assistant Appointment Fact Sheet
Financial Planning for Retirement
Financial Literacy Resources
Fitness Program
Fitness Program Taxable Reimbursement Form
Flexible Spending Accounts
Flexiplace - Telework
Foreign Education Evaluated for Federal Jobs
Forms - Award Certification (Internet Username and Password required)
Forms - Customer Service Excellence Award Nomination (PDF 84.1 KB)
Forms - Entrance on Duty Forms Listing
Forms - Leave Share Program
Forms - Previous Employment Inquiry Form (USGS)
Forms - Retirement
Forms - Superior Qualifications Appointments
Freeze Guidance
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 
     Classification Q & A
     Denver Learning Center
     Paid Parental Leave Policy FAQs
     Position Designation Questionnaire (PDQ) FAQs
Frontline Supervisor - EAP Resource
Furlough (Shutdown)

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Gender Transition in the Federal Workplace
Going the Extra Mile (GEM Award)
GPRA and Performance Plans
Guidance - Term Appointments
Guidance - USGS Continuous Learning Guidance (PDF) 
Guidance - USGS Recruitment Guidance
Guidelines - Preemployment Inquiry
Guides and Guidelines - Guidelines for Interviewing
Guiding Principles for all Employees

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Handbook (Research and Development)
Anti-Harassment Program (USGS)
Health - Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
Health Insurance
Hiring - Authorities and Programs
Hiring - Checks, Past Employment/Academic Training Checks
Hiring - Critical Hire Appointment Fact Sheet
Hiring - Direct Hire Authorities
Hiring - Faculty Appointment Fact Sheet
Hiring - Field Assistant Appointment Fact Sheet
Hiring Freeze Guidance
Hiring - Hiring a Rehired Annuitant
Hiring - Hiring a Reinstatement Eligible
Hiring - Interviewing Instructional Guidelines
Hiring - Interviewing, Preemployment Inquiry Guidelines
Hiring - Methods for Filling Vacancies in the Competitive Service
Hiring - National Assoc. of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) Appointment Fact Sheet
Hiring - Persons with Disabilities: Schedule A
Hiring - Student Hiring Programs
Hiring - Special Hiring Authorities Available for the Appointment of Veterans
Historical Photographs (Denver Learning Center)
Human Capital
Human Resources Contacts
Human Resources

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Impartial Neutral Practitioner
Incentive - Creditable Service for Annual Leave Accrual
Incentives (Hiring)
Incentives Summary
Inclusion Diversity and Inclusion Plan (PDF) 
Individual Development Plans (IDP)
Injury (On-the-Job)
Insurance Benefits
Insurance Dental
Insurance Health
Insurance Life
Insurance Long Term Care
Insurance Vision
Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Resources
Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program Guidance
Intern Program (Pathways)
Interns: Students and Recent Graduates with Disabilities-WRP
Interviewing Instructional Guidelines

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Labor Relations
Lapse in Appropriations (Shutdown Furlough)
Leadership Coin
Leadership Development Program
Leadership Program Evaluation
Leadership Tools
Learning Guidance, USGS Continuous (PDF)
Learning Moments
Learning Opportunities, Virtual
Learning Support Services
     Absence and Leave Handbook (DOI)
     Annual (OPM)
     Family Friendly and Family Medical (OPM)
     Flexibilities for Childbirth, Adoption, and Foster Care
     Paid Parental Leave
     Parental Bereavement Leave
     Voluntary Leave Transfer Program
Leave Share
Life Events that Impact Benefits
Life Insurance 
ListServer - Automatic Course Announcements 
Loan - Student Loan Repayment Benefit
Long Term Care Insurance

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Managers/Supervisor's Toolkit
Mandatory Training 
Map-Denver Federal Center 
Mediation Services-CORE PLUS
Memos Regarding Training
Mendenhall Postdoctoral Program
Mentoring Opportunities
Merit Promotion Panel Information
Merit Promotion Plan
Methods for Filling Vacancies in the Competitive Service
Military Duty-Called To/Returning From 
Military Service - Healthcare
Military Leave 
Military Service Deposits
Minor: Emergency Care for Minors Form
My DOI Career

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National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT)
National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) Appointment Fact Sheet
Denver Learning Center Classroom/Conference Rooms
Denver Learning Center History
Denver Learning Center Frequently Asked Questions
New Employee Information
New Federal Employee - Supervisor's Toolkit
New Federal Employee - DOI Talent 
New Hires Benefits Information
Non-Competitive Appointment Information
Noncompetitive Recruitment Sources
Non-Discrimination Policy (PDF 56 KB)
Non-DOI Employees Class Application Form (PDF 103.56 KB)

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OD Contacts 
Office of Organizational Development (OD)
Office of Equal Opportunity (Internal Only) 
Official Federal Holidays
On-the-job Injury Reporting
Open Season - Federal Benefits Information
Open Season OPM
Organizational Development 
Orientation Checklist (USGS)

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Paid Parental Leave
Parental Bereavement Leave
Part-time Work Schedule Fact Sheet
Pathways Programs (Interns, Recent Graduates, Presidential Mgmt. Fellows)
Pathways Program Resources for Managers
Pay and Payroll
Pay Period Calendars
Pay Charts/Tables 
Peer Support Workers
People with Disabilities
Performance (Plans/Appraisals)
Performance, Rewards, and Discipline
Performance Verbs for Writing Objectives
Personnel Actions - Required Documentation
Personnel Folder - Electronic
Personnel Suitability Guidance
Phased Retirement Program
Physical Fitness Program
Physical Fitness Program Taxable Reimbursement Form
Planning for Retirement
Planning for the Future Webinars
Position Classification/Description
Position Classification Technical Guidance
Position Designation Questionnaire
Position Designation Questionnaire (PDQ) FAQs
Position Designation System with Glossary
Position Descriptions (Nationwide Standards)
Position Management and Position Classification Policy Handbook
Position Sensitivity and Public Trust Risk Level Determinations
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program
Pre-employment Medical Examination Procedures
Premium Conversion, Federal Employee Health Benefits (OPM Website)
Premium Conversion Waiver Form, FEHB
Presidential Management Fellows Program (Pathways)
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (Dept. of Education)
Public Trust Risk Level Determinations

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Qualification Requirements for USGS Positions
Questions for Human Resources
Quicktime (FAQs, Manuals)
Quicktime Login
Quotes from Mentoring Participants

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Reasonable Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities
Recent Graduates Program (Pathways)
Record of Verbal Declination
Recruitment and Hiring
Recruitment Process for Research Positions
Recruitment, Relocation, and Retention Incentives
Recruitment and Retention Tools and Other Flexibilities
Recruitment Sources, Noncompetitive
Reference Checks, Past Employment and Academic Training
Rehired Annuitants 
Reinstatement Eligibles
Relocation Expenses
Remote Work
Repayment (Student Loan)
Request to Fill Communications Related Position Outside of the Office of Communications and Publishing
Request to Fill Information Technology Positions Outside of the Office of the Associate Chief Information Officer
Request to Waive Grade Stacking Prohibition
Request to Waive Use of Standard Position Description
Required Documents for Personnel Actions
Research and Development Evaluation Guidance
Research Panel (Delegated Examining Unit)
Research Panel (Merit Promotion)
Research Writer (Internal Only) 
Resource and Referral Network
Resource Sharing, Shared Workforce Ad Portal (SWAP) Go to @the Core, click on A-Z Index at the top, and search for Shared Workforce Ad Portal (SWAP).
Restored Leave  
Retirement – CSRS
Retirement FAQ
Retirement – FERS
Retirement Forms
Retirement Information
Retirement Planning
Retirement Social Security 
Retirement Thrift Savings Plan
Roth Option (TSP) (PDF 33.7 KB)

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Safety Training, Mandatory
Salaries and Wages—OPM
Schedule A: Appointment of Individuals with Disabilities
Science and Technical Employee Development
Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content
Security Clearance Guidance
SES, SL, and ST Information
     OPM SES Performance 
     OPM Senior Executive Service
     SES Performance Plan (DOI)
     SL/ST Performance Agreement (DOI)
     USGS HR Contact for SE, SL, and ST
Shared Workforce Ad Portal (SWAP) Go to @the Core, click on A-Z Index at the top, and search for Shared Workforce Ad Portal (SWAP).
Shutdown Furlough
Sick Leave
Sick Leave Conversion Chart
Social Security Administration
Specialized Training and Assessment Instruments
Staffing, USA
Strategic Employee Development Consulting
Student Loan Repayment Benefit
Students-Department of the Interior (DOI) - U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Pathways Internship Program
Students and Recent Graduates
Succession Planning
Superior Qualifications Appointments
Supervisor's Toolkit
Supervisory Challenge 
Supervisory Challenge Class Photos 
Supervisory Development
Supervisory Mentoring
Supervisory Orientation Toolkit
Supervisory Training Information
Supporting Gender Transition in the Federal Workplace
SWAP, Shared Workforce Ad Portal Go to @the Core, click on A-Z Index at the top, and search for Shared Workforce Ad Portal (SWAP).

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Tax Information
Team Work
Teambuilding-Building and Development
Teambuilding-Conflict Management
Temporary and Term Appointment Comparison Chart
Temporary Assignments
Term Appointment Guidance
Term and Temporary Appointment Comparison Chart
Testimonials, Mentoring 
Thrift Savings Plan
Time and Attendance (Quicktime Login)
Tracking—Workforce Transformation Tracking System (WTTS)
Training and Workshops, Conflict Management
Training, DOI Talent Information
Training, Mandatory
Training Memos
Training Policies
Training Types Flow Chart
Training, Safety (Mandatory) 
Training Sources
Travel, Transportation, and Relocation Expenses

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Upward Mobility Program/Career Development Program
USAJOBS - USGS Announcements
USA Staffing
USGS Guiding Principles
USGS OED Policies and Procedures (PDF 341 KB) 
USGS OED Learning Support Services (PDF 188 KB)
USGS Orientation Checklist
USGS Recruitment Guidance
USGS Recruitment/Retention Tools

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Vacancy Announcements—USGS Only
Verbal Declination
Verification of Employment
Veterans - Special Hiring Authorities Available for the Appointment of Veterans
Violence in the Workplace Handbook
Virtual Classroom
Virtual Learning Opportunities
Vision Insurance
Voluntary Separation Incentive Payment (VSIP)
Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA)
Volunteer for Science Handbook
Volunteer for Science Program Questions and Answers (For Supervisors) 

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Waiver Requests
   Request to Fill Communications Related Position Outside of the Office of Communications and Publishing
   Request to Fill Information Technology Positions Outside of the Office of the Associate Chief Information Officer
   Request to Waive Grade Stacking Prohibition
   Request to Waive Use of Standard Position Description
   Planning for the Future
   Entrance on Duty Benefits Information for New Hires
Webinars That Wow—How to Host 
Web Safe Color Palette
Whistleblower Protection Information
Within-Grade Increases Fact Sheet
Worker's Compensation
Workforce Transformation Tracking System (WTTS)
Workplace Conflict
Workplace Stresses, Interpersonal and Team
Workplace Violence Handbook
Workforce Demographics, Measures, and Metrics 
Workforce Planning
Workforce Planning: Workforce Demographics, Measures and Metrics 
Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP)
Working at Home (Telework)
Workplace Culture Transformation
Work Schedule (AWS)
Work Schedule—Part-time
Writing Effective Learning Objectives
WTTS—Workforce Transformation Tracking System

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