Survey Manual

Chapters 408.000 - 499.999


Table of Contents

Administrative Series- Construction Contracting 
Procurement and Contracting Management

407 (Reserved)

Administrative Series- General Provisions

Personal Property Management

408.2        Personal Property -Accountability and Responsibility

408.4        Acquisition of Excess Personal Property

408.9        Personal Property Utilization and Disposal

Motor Vehicles

409.1        Personal Property - Vehicle Management

Transportation of Things

410.1       Traffic Management

410.5       Discrepancies in Shipment

410.7       Hazardous Material Handling and Shipment 

412.1       Watercraft

Administrative Series- Real Property Management Space and Real Property Management

420.1        Real Property Asset and Investment Management

421.1        Facility Plans and Investments (Replaced by 420.1 Real Property Asset and Investment Management)

422.1        Deferred Maintenance

427.2        National Housing Management (Government Furnished Quarters) Program

429.1        Space Management

Administrative Series- Records Management

431.1        Records Management Roles and Responsibilities

431.2        Correspondence Management

431.3        Records Management Requirements and Electronic Mail and Instant Messages

431.4        Forms Management

431.5        Directives Management

431.8        Federal Register Documents

431.9        Information Storage and Retrieval Technology --Micrographics (Consolidated in 431.1 Records Management Program)

431.10      Information Collection Requirements

431.11      Litigation

432.1        Files Management

433.3        Essential Records

Mail Management

434.1        Mail Management

Administrative Series- Security

440.1        Identification Cards/Building Passes

440.2        Physical Security Program

440.3        National Security Information

440.4        National Security Information Automated Information Systems

440.6        Flags

440.7        National Security Position Program

440.8        Nuclear Formerly Restricted Data (FRD) and Restricted Data (RD) Information Classification and Declassification

Administrative Series- Safety

445.1        Occupational Safety and Health Policy and Responsibilities

Administrative Series- Legal

450.1        Legal Advice and Assistance - (The information is now available on the DOI Solicitor Web page)

450.2        Court Testimony and Release of Official Records

450.3        Use of Copyrighted Material in Publications - Replaced by SM 1100.6

451.1        Tort Claims Against the United States

451.3        Government Tort Claims

451.4        Defense of Suits Against Federal Employees in Operation of Motor Vehicles

451.5        Loss or Damage - Employee's Personal Property

453.1        Inventions by Employees