Survey Manual

Chapters 500 - End


Table of Contents

Program Series        USGS Program Policies

500.1       Policy of USGS in Cooperative Work with States, Counties, Municipalities, and Other Political Subdivisions

500.2       Policy on Work for Non-Federal Agencies

500.3       Policy on Work for Other Federal Agencies

500.4       Policy on Employee Responsibility Towards American Indians and Alaska Natives

500.5       News Release and Media Relations Policy

500.6       American Indian and Alaska Native Sacred Sites

500.10     USGS Reporting Policy

500.11     Obtaining Permission for Access to Private Lands

500.12     Use of Facilities by Non-Government People

500.13     Extracurricular Activities

500.15    Customer Service Policy

500.16    Classification and Inventory of USGS Web Services

500.19    Contributions and Grants to USGS from Outside Sources

500.20    Technology Transfer Authority

500.21    Industrial Research Associate Program

500.23    Acceptance of Volunteer Service

500.25    Scientific Integrity

500.26    Domestic Memorandum of Understanding

500.27    Intergovernmental Cooperation Act Agreements with State and Local Units of Government

501.1      Cost Distribution

Fundamental Science Practices (Part 502)

502.1      Fundamental Science Practices: Foundation Policy

502.2      Fundamental Science Practices: Planning and Conducting Data Collection and Research

502.3      Fundamental Science Practices: Peer Review

502.4      Fundamental Science Practices: Review, Approval, and Release of Information Products (Replaces SM chapter 500.8 and SM chapter 500.9)

502.5      Fundamental Science Practices: Safeguarding Unpublished U.S. Geological Survey Data, Information, and Associated Scientific Materials (Replaces SM chapter 500.14)

502.6      Fundamental Science Practices: Scientific Data Management

502.7      Fundamental Science Practices: Metadata for USGS Scientific Information Products Including Data

502.8      Fundamental Science Practices: Review and Approval of Scientific Data for Release

502.9      Fundamental Science Practices: Preservation Requirements for Digital Scientific Data

Environmental (Parts 515 and 516)

515.1      Environmental Compliance

515.2      Environmental and Disposal Liability Policy and Responsibilities

515.4      Environmental Management Systems

550.1      USGS Visual Identity System

600.1      ADP Cost Accounting, Cost Recovery, and Sharing

600.2      (Replaced by 600.5, Information Technology Systems Security - General Requirements)

600.3      Networking of Computing Resources

600.5      Information Technology Systems Security - General Requirements

600.6      Implementation and Administration of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

601.1      USGS Web Standards

Enterprise Information

700.1      FITARA Authorities for Information Management Technologies


800.1      Mapping Responsibility and Policy

800.2      National Mapping Program

Water Resources Division Program Policies

900         (Reserved)

Emergency Planning and Operations

1000.1      Emergency Management Planning and Response

1000.2      USGS Workforce Accounting and Status Reporting Plan


1100.1      Information Product Planning

1100.2      Editorial Review of U.S. Geological Survey Publication Series

1100.3      USGS Publication Series 

1100.4      Use of Outside Publications, Including Abstracts 

1100.5      Authorship, Credits, and Acknowledgments in USGS Information Products

1100.6      Use of Copyrighted Material in USGS Information Products 

1100.7      Audiovisual Media and Products