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We invite you to connect with us if you are curious about our science or have questions about our research and activities. You can connect with us at our locations or by phone or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.


Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Fisheries Biologist Matthew Acre 573-875-5399
Fish Biologist Janice Albers, PhD 608-783-6451
Research Fish Biologist Ann Allert 573-876-1903
Supervisory Research Chemist David Alvarez, PhD 573-441-2970
Hydrologic Technician Brian W Anderson 573-441-2976
Research Microbiologist Rachelle E Beattie, PhD 573-876-1886
Research Fish Biologist John Besser, PhD 573-876-1818
Fish Biologist Sophia Bonjour, PhD
Research Fish Biologist Pat Braaten, PhD 406-526-3253
Lead Biological Science Lab Technician Eric Brunson 573-876-1827
Research Fish Biologist Kevin Buhl 605-665-9217
Budget Analyst Lori Buitink 573-876-1892
Biologist Ross Burlbaw 573-876-1895
Research Biologist Robin D Calfee 573-441-2969
Interdisciplinary Physical Scientist and Geographer Bruce Call 573-875-5399
Fish Biologist James Candrl 573-441-2967
Biological Science Technician Cayla Carlson 573-875-5399
Biologist Kimberly Chojnacki 573-441-2990
Fish Biologist Rachel Claunch 573-875-1829
Supervisory Research Chemist Danielle Cleveland, PhD 573-876-1858
Research Ecologist Mike Colvin, PhD 573-441-2797
Fish Biologist Sabrina Davenport 573-441-2947
Ecologist Aaron DeLonay 573-876-1878
Biological Laboratory Technician Rebecca Dorman 573-441-2984
Research Chemist Kathy Echols, PhD 573-876-1838
Supervisory Research Biologist Thea M Edwards, PhD 573-876-1817
Geologist Caroline Elliott 573-441-2951
Research Fishery Biologist Aida Farag, PhD 307-733-2314
Fish Biologist Jacob “Jake” Faulkner 573-441-2941
Research Fish Biologist Jesse Fischer
Hydrologic Technician (Field Assistant) Veronica Fritz
Fish Biologist Amy George 573-876-1872
Biologist Parker Golliglee 573-875-5399
Ext: 1630
Ecologist Keith Grabner 573-441-2782
Biological Science Lab Technician Doug Hardesty 573-441-2942
Fish Biologist Ty Helmuth 573-875-5399
Disaster Supplemental Science Coordinator and USGS NRDAR Coordinator Jo Ellen Hinck
Fish Biologist Chris Ivey 573-441-2962
Fish Biologist Nile Kemble 573-876-1887
Research Biologist Katy Klymus, PhD 573-876-1885
Research Ecologist Christopher J. Kotalik, PhD 573-875-5399
Research Ecologist Johanna Kraus, PhD 434-806-8324
Research Fish Biologist Patrick Kroboth 573-875-5399
Ext: 1548
Biologist Bethany Kunz, PhD 573-441-2998
Fish Biologist James Kunz 573-441-2965
Research Toxicologist Jessica K Leet, PhD 573-441-2784
Research Biologist Jason T. Magnuson, PhD 573-876-1870
Biologist Adam McFall
Physical Scientist Vanessa Melton 573-441-2961
Chemist Adam Moody, PhD 573-876-1865
Data Management Specialist Adrian P Moore, PhD 573‐441‐2981
IT Specialist Robin Moore 573-441-2949
Chemist Stephanie Perkins 573-876-1824
Research Biologist Brittany Perrotta, PhD 573-875-5399
Research Ecologist Holly Puglis, PhD 573-441-2986
Research Biologist Erin L Pulster, PhD 573-876-1898
Administrative Officer Jamie Quade 573-876-1804
Supervisory Research Molecular Biologist Cathy Richter, PhD 573-876-1841
Fish Biologist Josey Ridgway 573-441-2953
Research Ecologist Freya E Rowland, PhD 573-875-5399
Research Engineer Brandon Sansom, PhD 573-441-2978
Biologist Erinn Scott 573-441-2943
Biologist Allison Sieja 573-441-2791
Ecologist Logan Sleezer 573-875-5399
Ext: 1626
Research Biologist David J Soucek, PhD 573-876-1818
Biological Science Technician Ben Stahlschmidt 573-875-5399
Supervisory Research Toxicologist Jeff Steevens, PhD 573-876-1819
Ecologist Matthew Struckhoff 573-441-2781
Chemist Mike Tanner 573-441-2957
Biologist Nathan Thompson 573-875-5399
Ext: 1619
Research Toxicologist Donald Tillitt, PhD 573-876-1886
Management Analyst Julia Towns-Campbell 573-876-1853
Safety Officer Vanessa Velez 573-441-2958
Fish Biologist Chad Vishy 573-441-2963
Supervisory Research Ecologist David Walters, PhD 573-876-1851
Research Fish Biologist Ning Wang, PhD 573-441-2946
Fish Biologist Culture Ryan Warbritton 573-876-1820
Center Director Kelly L Warner 217-328-9727
Laboratory Technician Olivia Watt
Biologist Ben West 573-875-5399
Ext: 1744
Research Ecologist Mark Wildhaber, PhD 573-876-1847