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Parents and Degradation Products of Analysis: OGRL LCEA

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Triazines and phenylureas are commonly used herbicides for controlling weeds in row crops. These herbicides and their degradation products have been found in samples collected from surface water, groundwater, and precipitation throughout the United States. Atrazine until recently was the most widely applied herbicide in the U.S. and is still a widely applied preplanting corn herbicide.

LCEA: Triazine and Phenylurea Method

Sample collection requirements: 3- 125mL 4oz amber glass bottles with Telfon lined caps per sample.

  • Instrumentation: Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  • Data results uploaded to QWDX upon request
Compound NameReporting LimitParameter CodeMethod CodeUSGS Method ReportCAS #
Atrazine0.020 µg/L39632LCM44OF-02-4361912249
Bromacil0.020 µg/L4029LCM05N/A314409
Cyanazine0.020 µg/L4041LCM44OF-02-43621725462
*Cyanazine acid (CAC)0.020 µg/L61745LCM44OF-02-436--
*Cyanazine amide (CAM)0.020 µg/L61709LCM44OF-02-43636576-42-8
*Deethylatrazine (DEA)0.020 µg/L4040LCM44OF-02-4366190-65-4
*Deethylcyanazine (DEC)0.20 µg/L61749LCM44OF-02-436--
*Deethylcyanazine acid (DCAC)0.020 µg/L61750LCM44OF-02-436--
*Deethylcyanazine amide (DCAM)0.020 µg/L61751LCM44OF-02-436--
*Deethyldeisopropylatrazine/Didealkyatrazine (DDA)0.020 µg/L4039LCM43OF-02-4363397-62-4
*Deethylhydroxyatrazine (DEHA)0.020 µg/L62676LCM44OF-02-436--
*Deisopropylhydroxyatrazine (DIHA)0.020 µg/L62678LCM44OF-02-4367313-54-4
*Deisopropylatrazine (DIA)0.020 µg/L4038LCM44OF-02-4361007-28-9
*Hydroxyatrazine (HA)0.020 µg/L50355LCM44OF-02-4362163-68-0
*Hydroxysimazine0.020 µg/L63154LCM05N/A11/3/2599
Prometon0.020 µg/L4037LCM05N/A1610180
Propazine0.020 µg/L38535LCM44OF-02-436139402
Simazine0.020 µg/L4035LCM44OF-02-436122349
Diuron0.20 µg/L50374LCM44OF-02-436330541
Fluometuron0.20 µg/L38811LCM44OF-02-4362164172
*DMFM (demethylfluometuron)0.20 µg/L61755LCM44OF-02-436--
Linuron0.20 µg/L38478LCM44OF-02-436330552
*degradation product