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For more information about science in the Nevada Water Science Center, please contact our Center Director or Deputy Director. You can also email us at A complete listing of all Nevada Water Science Center employees is in the available in the Employee Directory below.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologist Wayne Belcher, PhD 702-294-6010
Hydrography Data Acquisition Lead | Geographer Susan G. Buto
Hydrologist Todd Gregory Caldwell, Ph.D. 775-887-7669
Physical Scientist Nancy Damar 702-294-6012
Hydrologist Gwendolyn Davies 775-887-7670
Modeling Specialist Kyle W Davis 775-877-7671
Hydrologic Technician Katherine Earp 702-294-6014
Hydrologist Peggy Elliott 702-294-6015
Scientist Emeritus Joseph Fenelon 702-564-4605
Center Director Jill D. Frankforter 775-887-7658
Groundwater Specialist Philip Gardner 775-887-7664
Hydrologist Jena Huntington 775-887-7692
Doug Hutchinson
Hydrologic Technician Ronald Kauble 775-887-7675
Administrative Officer Stacy Masters 775-887-7657
Hydrologist C. Justin Mayers 775-887-7622
Physical Scientist Rose L Medina 775-887-7620
Supervisory Hydrologist Geoff Moret 702-294-6038
Surface-Water Specialist Christopher Morris 702-294-6039
Hydrologist (Modeler) Eric Morway 775-887-7668
Research Hydrologist Ramon C Naranjo 775-887-7676
Hydrologist Nora Nelson 775-887-7674
Hydrologic Technician Kyle O'Connor 775-887-7673
Water-Quality Specialist Angela Paul 775-887-7697
Hydrologist Michael Pavelko 702-294-6041
Hydrologist Randall Paylor 702-294-6042
Supervisory Hydrologist Megan Poff 702-294-6043
Hydrologist Steven Reiner 702-294-6051
Hydrologic Technician Daniel Riddle 775-887-7637
Hydrologist Kurtiss Schmidt 775-887-7631
Hydrologist David W Smith 775-887-7667
Hydrologic Technician Sonya Vasquez 775-887-7621
Hydrologist Jon Wilson 702-294-6055