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Continuous and discrete surface-water, groundwater, and water-quality data are collected to provide long-term hydrologic records critical to investigating hydrology, modeling climate-change, evaluating natural and anthropogenic changes in the hydrologic regime, and providing information on water availability to water managers.

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Chloride concentrations from wells in the Genesee River Valley, Livingston County, New York

The Retsof salt mine in the Genesee River Valley, Livingston County, New York, flooded after mine-roof collapses in 1994 created two rubble chimneys in overlying bedrock that intersected a confined aquifer in the basal glacial-drift deposits and continued collapse to the land surface. Groundwater in the lower confined aquifer flowed downward through the bedrock rubble chimneys causing widespread d

Geospatial bathymetry datasets for New York City's East of Hudson Reservoirs and Controlled Lakes

From May 2017 to November 2019, the U.S. Geological Survey conducted bathymetry surveys of New York City's East of Hudson Reservoirs. The East of Hudson Reservoirs consist of 16 reservoirs and controlled lakes in Putnam and Westchester County, New York, including Amawalk Reservoir, Bog Brook Reservoir, Boyd Corners Reservoir, Cross River Reservoir, Croton Falls Reservoir, Diverting Reservoir, East


The USGS WaterNow service lets users receive current conditions for USGS water-data-collection stations on demand via email or cell-phone text message. The user sends an email or text message containing a USGS current-conditions gaging site number, and will quickly receive a reply with the station's most recent data for one or more of its monitored parameters.

Lake Ontario Water Quality and Velocity Transect Data 2015-18

From May of 2015 through September of 2018, water-quality were collected at 178 locations and velocity data were collected along 7 transects from select tributaries, embayments, and nearshore lake locations along New York's Lake Ontario waterfront in support of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the Lakewide Action Management Plan. These data include: depth, velocity magnitude, velocity di

Fish community and substrate data from tributaries to the Mohawk River

The dataset is composed of three data tables containing information from electrofishing and pebble count surveys conducted in tributaries to the Mohawk River in central and eastern New York during 2019. The first table contains information on the sampled reaches, the second table contains fish collection data, and the third table contains pebble count data.


MODFLOW-NWT and MODPATH6 Models Used to Simulate Groundwater Flow in the Regional Aquifer System of Long Island, New York, for Pumping and Recharge Conditions in 2005-15

Honnedaga Liming Project soil and vegetation data, 2012-2018, Adirondack region, New York, USA

This dataset contains field descriptions of soil profiles and chemical analysis results of soil samples collected in the limed (T16) and reference (T24) watersheds of the Honnedaga Liming Study conducted in the watershed of Honnedaga Lake, in the southwestern portion of the Adirondack State Park in New York State, USA. Field measurements of trees, saplings and seedlings in these watersheds are al

Adirondack New York soil chemistry data, 1992-2017 (ver. 1.1, December 2020)

This dataset contains measurements of chemical concentrations of soil samples representing 28 headwater drainage basins completely within the Adirondack Park of New York State (ADK Park), one basin partially in the ADK Park, and one watershed 2 kilometers from the ADK Park boundary. Seven of these watersheds have been sampled 2 or 3 times over periods of 12 to 22 years. Soil samples were collected

Adirondack and Catskill stream-fish survey dataset (ver. 3.0, November 2020)

The dataset is composed of two data tables containing information from electrofishing surveys conducted in the Catskill and Adirondack regions. The first data table contains fish collection information and the second data table contains information on the sampled reaches. First posted September 25, 2018, ver. 1.0 Revised July 2019, ver. 2.0 Revised November 2020, ver. 3.0 Version 3.0: This vers

Environmental DNA (eDNA) and fish capture data from Round Goby screening surveys on the Eastern Erie Canal, New York

The dataset is composed of two tables containing data collected during screening surveys for invasive Round Goby (Neogobius melanostomus) on the Eastern Erie Canal in New York. Environmental DNA using water samples and traditional fish surveys using benthic trawling, seining, and trapping were conducted twice annually at 12 sites on the Eastern Erie Canal between Oneida Lake and the Hudson River f

Geospatial bathymetry dataset for the Black River near Great Bend, New York, 2020

On August 25, 2020, the U.S. Geological Survey conducted a bathymetry survey of a 550 meter long reach of the Black River near Great Bend, New York. The study reach began approximately 1,000 meters upstream from the State Route 26 bridge in Great Bend, New York. Depth data were collected primarily with a 1,200 kilohertz Teledyne RD Instruments RioPro acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) with p

2019 Hydrologic Data Summary for the Central Pine Barrens Region, Suffolk County, New York

This U.S. Geological Survey data release provides surface-water quality, streamflow, and groundwater-elevation data collected within the Central Pine Barrens (CPB) Region of Suffolk County, New York. The data were collected in cooperation with the Central Pine Barrens Commission and the Town of Brookhaven as part of a five-year comprehensive water-resources monitoring program. Water quality and q