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You can contact us for help and information, and connect with us via social media.

For emergency situations, please contact Andy Waite, Surface Water Specialist at the USGS New York Water Science Center or call our general number (518) 285-5600 and follow the directions to leave voicemail which will be immediately forwarded to a responsible party and responded to as quickly as possible.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologist Alton Anderson 518-285-5608
Hydrologist Mike Antidormi 518-285-5638
Hydrologist (Geologist) Yvonne Baevsky 518-285-5600
Research Biologist (RGE) Barry P Baldigo 518-285-5605
Hydrologist Banu N Bayraktar Ext: 143
Artificial Intelligence Engineer Daniel Beckman 720-278-3948
Supervisory Hydrologist Charlie Besteder 518-912-4467
Physical Scientist Technician Donald B Bonville 518-285-5603
Center Director Robert Francis Breault 518-285-5661
Administrative Officer Tracy Bristol 518-285-5626
Coordinator, Delaware River Basin Next Generation Water Observing System (NGWOS) Douglas A Burns 518-285-5662
Supervisory Hydrologist(Geol) Ronald Busciolano 631-736-0783
Hydrologic Technician John Byrnes 518-285-5629
Hydrologic Technician Anthony Cacace, Jr. 631-736-0783
Ext: 126
Physical Scientist William Capurso 631-736-0783
Hydrologic Technician Nicole Ashley Casamassina 631-736-0783
Ext: 140
Hydrologic Technician Natalie Cheung 631-736-0783
Ext: 124
Hydrologist(Geol) Anthony Chu 631-736-0783
Water Usage Tech Pamela Davis Coles 518-285-5613
Hydrologist Michael Como 631-736-0783
Administrative Specialist Courtnay L Courtright 518-285-5659
Geologist Laura M DeMott 607-753-9391
Physical Scientist Amanda M Dondero 518-285-5671
Physical Scientist Natasha Drotar 518-258-5707
Hydrologist Jason Finkelstein 631-736-0783
Hydrologist Kaitlyn M Finkelstein 518-285-5656
Physical Scientist Benjamin N. Fisher 405-334-7822
Hydrologist Irene J Fisher 631-736-0783
Ext: 117
Water Quality Specialist - Hydrologist Shawn C. Fisher 631-736-0783
Ext: 133
Supervisory Hydrologist Guy M. Foster 518-285-5694
Surface Water Specialist Christopher L Gazoorian 518-285-5615
Supervisory Hydrologist Alicia M Gearwar 518-285-5657
Biologist Scott George 518-285-5639
Physical Scientist Sabina R Gifford 518-285-5678
Hydrologist Robin Glas 518-285-5600
Physical Scientist Rebecca M Gorney 518-285-5667
Research Hydrologist Jennifer L Graham, Ph.D. 518-285-5706
Hydrologist Alexander P Graziano 518-285-5600
Hydrologist Jason Grover 607-266-0217
Hydrologic Technician Paul Guse 518-285-5643
Physical Scientist Kristina M Gutchess 518-285-5673
Hydrologic Technician Mark Hendricks 518-285-5651
Hydrologist Liv Herdman 518-285-5654
Hydrologic Technician Timothy F Hoffman 518-285-5650
Hydrologic Technician Stephen Patrick Huddleston 518-285-5600
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Chany Huddleston Adrianza 518-285-5600
Hydrologic Technician Courtney J Huston 518-859-1895
Hydrologist Hannah Ingleston 518-285-5616
Physical Scientist Kalle L Jahn 518-285-5600
Hydrologic Technician Matthew Jennings 607-266-0217
Ext: 3021
Hydrologic Technician Ronald Johnson 607-266-0217
Ext: 3016
Hydrologic Technician Elaiya R Jurney 505-830-7900
Scientist Emeritus William M Kappel 606-266-0217
Physical Scientist Jennifer E Katz 631 736 0783
Hydrologic Technician Andrew J Kowalczk 607-266-2017
Ext: 3011
Hydrologist Andrew Lange 631-736-0783
Ext: 125
Chemist Tricia Lincoln 518-285-5612
Hydrologist Kristin S Linsey 518-285-5636
Hydrologic Technician Jared P. Marion 607-266-0217
Ext: 3020
Supervisory Hydrologist Kristina Kirkyla Masterson, P.E. (518) 285-5695
Hydrologist John Peter Masterson 508-490-5028
Hydrological Technician Brian McDonald 315-265-0575
Hydrologic Technician Kenneth McGrath 518-285-5660
Supervisory Research Hydrologist (RGE) Michael R. McHale 518-285-5675
Hydrologist Katherine R Merriman 812-344-0515
Hydrologist(Math) Paul Misut, PE (NY) 631-903-2997
Hydrologist(Engr) Jack Monti 631-736-0783
Hydrologic Technician Albert G Morgan, III 607-753-9391
Ext: 7530
Physical Scientist Christiane Mulvihill 518-285-5610
Research Ecologist Karen R Murray, Ph.D. 518-937-8740
Hydrologist Michael L Noll 631-736-0783
Hydrologist Elizabeth Nystrom 518-285-5634
Administrative Specialist Lori S Payton 607-753-9391
Ext: 7530
Scientist Emeritus Kenneth A Pearsall 518-285-5669
Hydrologist Diana Phillips 518-669-6175
Quality Management System Specialist Patrick Phillips 518-285-5667
Hydrologic Technician Kenneth P Planty 315-265-4410
Physical Scientist James Reddy 607-753-9391
Ext: 7530
Hydrogeologist Richard J Reynolds 518-285-5677
Hydrologic Technician Simonette L Rivera 631-736-0783
Supervisory IT Specialist Christopher M Ryan 518-285-5622
Hydrologist Kevin A Ryan
Program Development Specialist Christopher E Schubert 631-736-0783
Ext: 109
IT Specialist Denise Schwartz 607-753-9391
Ext: 7530
Administrative Assistant Robert E Shive 518-285-5653
Hydrologist Jason Siemion 518-285-5623
Hydrologist Amy Edwards Simonson 631-736-0783
Ext: 122
IT Specialist Todd Siskin 518-285-5631
Physical Scientist Martyn J Smith 518-285-5618
Physical Scientist Timothy J Stagnitta
Physical Scientist Michael Stouder 518-285-5690
Hydrologist (RGE) Frederick Stumm 631-736-0783
Ext: 107
Hydrologist Tristen Tagliaferri 631-736-0783
Ext: 0118
Research Hydrologist Neil C Terry, PhD 860-487-7402
Ext: 18
Hydrologic Technician David G Thompson 518-912-4468
Deputy Associate Director for Data Andrew Waite 518-285-5641
Associate Director for Science Gary Wall 518-285-5621
Hydrologist Donald Walter 508-490-5050
Hydrologic Technician Robert J Welk 516-589-3590
Hydrologist John Frederick Wernly 607-753-9391
Ext: 7530
Hydrologist GW Specialist John Williams 518-285-5670
Hydrologic Technician Dylan R Winterhalter 518-285-5704
Hydrologist Joshua Woda 518-285-5600
Hydrologic Technician Marie A Zuck 631-736-0783
Ext: 130