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The Carson River begins in the Sierra Nevada as the East Fork and West Fork of the Carson River. These two forks come together in the Carson Valley, not far from Carson City, Nev. The river then flows through the Carson River Basin until its terminus at the Carson Sink. The Carson RIver is a popular recreation spot with rafters, hikers, and fishermen.

Map of the Carson River Basin, Nevada

Carson River Basin, Nevada (Public domain.)

The Carson River Basin (hydrographic region 8) is about 3,900 square miles and extends about 150 miles from eastern California to pershing County, Nevada. The Carson River Basin includes the following hydrographic areas: Carson Desert, Churchill Valley, Dayton Valley, Eagle Valley, and Carson Valley. Major cities and towns with the Carson River Basin include Carson City (Nevada's capital), Dayton, Fallon, Gardnerville, and Minden.

USGS Nevada Water Science Center maintains surface and groundwater monitoring locations throughout the Carson River Basin.

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Water Planning Tools:

Water Planning Tools in progress:

  • East Fork and West Fork Carson River Headwater Flow models and Carson Valley Groundwater/Surface Water model. Presentations related to these tools and current status of these products are available here

Water Planning Presentations:

Presentation given at Douglas County Commissioner Meeting on 11/7/2019:  Water Resources of Carson Valley:   Monitoring, Current Status and Trends, Water Planning Tools (models).