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Software releases from the USGS National Wildlife Health Center.

Applying Simulated Treatments to Bat Populations Experiencing Severe White-nose Syndrome Mortality

We developed a model allowing for the application of treatment strategies to bat populations at risk of severe mortality from WNS. The model allows the bat population to exist within a network of hibernacula and updates survival, reproduction, movement, treatment applications, and treatment related disturbance annually. For simplicity, the effects of WNS are experienced across all hibernacula on t

Data and Software for Space matters: host spatial structure and model plague transmission dynamics and pathways

This software release contains the code descriped in Russell, R.E., Walsh, D.P., Samuel, M.D., Grunnill, M.D., and Rocke, T.E., 2021, Space matters: host spatial structure and the dynamics of plague transmission: Ecological Modelling,Volume 443,