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2 people in life vests by dock by water hammering into post with city view in background
July 30, 2019

HRECOS gage Pier 26 New York, NY

Riley Behrens and Anthony Cacace are replacing an intake on Hudson River Environmental Conditions Observing System (HRECOS) gage 01376520 Hudson River at Pier 26 at New York, NY. Photo by Natalie Cheung (Public domain

large seine on a creek with trees on shoreline
July 18, 2019

Schoharie Creek during a fish community survey

A blocking seine prevents fish from moving in or out of a study reach on the Schoharie Creek during a fish community survey conducted on July 18th by Scott George, Barry Baldigo, and technicians from the New York Water Science Center. Photo by Scott George

green pasture outlined by trees and has a USGS gage in the corner
June 7, 2019

CB-1072 Niverville, NY

CB-1072 Niverville NY USGS gage

May 15, 2019

USGS Studies Harmful Algal Blooms in New York

USGS scientists are studying water-quality conditions and harmful algal blooms—known as HABs—in Owasco, Seneca and Skaneateles lakes in New York. The USGS monitoring effort will provide a better understanding of HAB growth and severity and allow for near instantaneous detection of changing water-quality conditions that might be indicative of HAB development. This will

storm clouds over USGS floating HABS platform and boat  with USGS staffers on choppy lake waters
May 14, 2019

HABS platform Owasco Lake, NY

HABS platform Owasco Lake, NY

man in boat in large body of water looking at laptop screen
March 29, 2019

Recovering Project Platform from Seneca Lake, NY

Matt Jennings (pictured) and Andrew Kowalczk (Boat Chief) on Seneca Lake using an underwater camera and grappling hook to locate and recover lost equipment from the Harmful Algal Bloom (HABs) Project platform that was damaged by an early winter storm. The platform mooring buoy can be seen in the background. Photo by Andrew Kowalczk (Public Domain)

2 men boating to shore from a large iron post with ladder in icy river houses on shore in background
March 14, 2019

Making repairs at the Green Island streamgage on the Hudson River

Sean Stewart and Brendan Hallmark making repairs at the Green Island streamgage  (01358000) on the Hudson River. Photo by Travis Smith (Public Domain)

2 people using sledge hammers to crack ice on lake near USGS boat dock
February 14, 2019

HABS platform removal

Matthew Jennings and Andrew Kowalczk breaking ice on the boat ramp before retrieving the Harmful Algal Bloom Data Collection Platform moored in Seneca Lake, NY.

concrete support for a bridge and a lock on the river with ice chunks
February 11, 2019

Mohawk River at Lock 9 at Rotterdam Junction, NY

Mohawk River at Lock 9 at Rotterdam Junction, NY

brick building and trees at edge of icy river
February 7, 2019

Mohawk River at Vischer Ferry Dam, NY

Mohawk RIver at Vischer Ferry Dam Ice Jam camera

river jammed with broken brown ice with bare trees on both banks
February 5, 2019

Ice Jam at Buffalo Creek at Gardenville, New York

An ice jam in place at Buffalo Creek at Gardenville (gage 04214500) Photo by Elizabeth Nystrom (Public Domain)

person standing in stream holding a pole with 2 people on horse crossing stream in background
November 29, 2018

Carmans River, Long Island, NY

Banu Bayraktar learns how to make a streamflow measurement at Carmans River at Yaphank, NY, as part of our new "Hydrologic Monitoring in the Central Pine Barrens" program. Photo by Amy Simonson (Public Domain)