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Tools Roundtable Session at the Social Coast Forum 2020

Kara Doran and Heather Schreppel will be participating in the Tools and Job Aid Roundtable session at the Social Coast Forum, February 4–7, in Charleston, South Carolina. They will provide a suite of GIS-based geonarratives (i.e. story maps) to introduce the USGS Coastal Change Hazards (CCH) program’s science and data to attendees. 

In their session titled “What are your coastal change hazards science needs? We want to learn from you,” Kara and Heather will host facilitated, small group discussions hoping to gain a better understanding of participants’ coastal planning priorities, research and data needs, and how Coastal Change Hazards science can support them.

The goal is to emerge with a better understanding of user needs with respect to data delivery, information, and research gaps. Results will be used to help refine how the USGS CCH programmatic focus shares coastal change hazards information and communicates coastal risk, with the goal of making USGS science useful, usable, and easily accessible to both coastal partners and the Nation.

Social Coast Forum is a biennial event focusing on exploration of how social science tools and methods are being used to address the nation’s coastal issues. Participants discuss the use of social science tools, data, and methods to address issues such as climate change, land use planning, ecosystem services, and human uses of the oceans.


Read what else is new at the St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center.


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