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Heather A Schreppel

Heather Schreppel is a Geographer, specializing in Data Management at the U.S. Geological Survey, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center (SPCMSC).

For over 10 years, she has provided support for USGS scientific efforts within the science center throughout all aspects of the USGS Science Data Lifecycle. This lifecycle includes planning, acquisition, processing, analyzing, preserving, curating, publishing, sharing, documenting, managing quality, and securing/archiving data in support of the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of the Interior (DOI), and USGS policies and procedures. She is constantly working towards the goal of furthering data discoverability and reusability for the Coastal and Marine Hazards and Resources Program (CMHRP) and Center’s published scientific data.

She currently serves as the administrator for the center's ArcGIS Enterprise, PostgreSQL databases, enterprise geodatabases, and the Information Product Data System. She supports the Center through her knowledge of data management, publication policies, and Fundamental Science Practices providing training and guidance to staff. She frequently serves in a data management advisory capacity to projects developing systems for the CMHRP helping define system requirements and providing guidance to developers and scientists regarding data needs from both SPCMSC and the Coastal Change Hazards project. She also provides expertise in scientific data standards, knowledge of center’s data holdings and unique requirements, GIS and spatial visualization, usability principles to user interface designs, and development of user instructions and documentation.

*Disclaimer: Listing outside positions with professional scientific organizations on this Staff Profile are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement of those professional scientific organizations or their activities by the USGS, Department of the Interior, or U.S. Government