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Date published: March 30, 2018

Regional Acidification Trends in Florida Shellfish Estuaries

Florida provides a unique opportunity to evaluate changes in ocean acidification as related to geochemistry within estuaries at a regional scale, which includes two climatic zones: sub-tropical and tropical.

Date published: March 30, 2018

Polluted Groundwater Threatens Hawaiian Coral Reefs

According to a study by USGS scientists, polluted, low-pH groundwater discharging onto a shallow coral reef off Kahekili Beach Park in west Maui, Hawai‘i, further increases seawater acidity and exposes corals to nitrate concentrations 50 times higher than normal.

Date published: March 29, 2018

USGS Scientists Participate in Gulf of Mexico Habitat Monitoring and Mapping User Workshop and Mapping Summit

USGS Scientists will participate in the Gulf of Mexico Habitat Monitoring and Mapping User Workshop and Mapping Summit at the NOAA Disaster Response Center in Mobile, Alabama.

Date published: March 29, 2018

New Coral Reef Study to Begin at Buck Island National Monument

Research Marine Biologist Ilsa Kuffner, Research Oceanographer Lauren Toth, and Oceanographer Anastasios Stathakopoulos, will travel to Buck Island Reef National Monument for a reconnaissance trip to plan a new study and assess hurricane impacts to the coral reefs surrounding Buck Island.

Date published: March 29, 2018

USGS Researcher Invited to Brief Representative Ben Diamond

Cheryl Hapke will meet with Florida State Representative Ben Diamond on Friday, March 30, in his District office in St. Petersburg to brief him on the Florida Coastal Mapping Program.

Date published: March 2, 2018

CMGP Lidar Coordinator selected to serve as USGS Federal Point of Contact/Coordinator for 3D Nation Elevation Requirements and Benefits Study

Xan Fredericks, Lidar Coordinator for the Coastal and Marine Geology Program and Chair of the USGS Lidar Points of Contact Working Group, was selected by the USGS National Geospatial Program to serve as the USGS Federal Point of Contact for the national 3D Nation Elevation Requirements and Benefits Study, coordinating survey nominations across Mission Areas and Regions and compiling responses...

Date published: March 2, 2018

USGS Scientist Attends Oceanology International as part of Xprize Delegation

Christina Kellogg (SPCMSC Research Microbiologist) will attend Oceanology International in London, England, March 13–15, in her capacity as a judge for the Shell Ocean Discovery Xprize.

Date published: February 28, 2018

News Briefs - February 2018

Coastal and marine news highlights from across the USGS

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    Date published: February 22, 2018

    Researchers from USGS attended the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting

    Scientists from St. Petersburg presented a broad array of research subjects.

    Date published: February 8, 2018

    USGS scientist travels to Pacific Panama to complete study on the impacts of climatic and oceanographic variability on coral reefs

    Research Oceanographer Lauren Toth will travel to Pacific Panama from February 26th–March 15th to collect data on the growth, erosion, and oceanography of coral reefs in Pacific Panama.

    Date published: January 31, 2018

    Sound Waves Newsletter - January 2018

    Studying earthquake hazards along a large, fast-moving fault off southeast Alaska, successful Open House at the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center in Santa Cruz, highlights from the largest scientific meeting and conference in San Francisco, honoring the 42-year career of Associate Program Coordinator for USGS coastal and marine geology, and more in this January 2018 issue of Sound...

    Date published: January 25, 2018

    USGS researcher assists with Fire Island National Seashore climate change vulnerability assessment

    Research Geologist Jennifer Miselis will travel to National Park Service (NPS) Fire Island National Seashore (FIIS) office in Patchogue, New York, to assist the NPS Northeast Region and the Coastal Resources Center at the University of Rhode Island with a Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for FIIS.