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Date published: March 24, 2021

Media Advisory: A Jaguar’s Field of Dreams – Live Online Public Lecture

The U.S. Geological Survey public lecture series is back and virtual. News reporters are invited to attend to learn how USGS scientists are helping protect one of the only jaguars that lives in the U.S.

Date published: November 2, 2020

New Geo-Narrative explores California’s exposure to volcanic hazards

The first step in mitigating volcanic risk and building community resilience to volcanic hazards is identifying what and who is in harm’s way.

Date published: June 7, 2019

Anne Wein Wins Prestigious 2019 Bay Area Metro Award

Congratulations to Dr. Anne Wein, Operations Research Analyst at WGSC, who received a 2019 Bay Area Metro Award from the Association of Bay Area Governments and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission for her work as lead researcher for the HayWired earthquake scenario. 

Date published: December 7, 2018

WGSC Scientists tour a restoration project

Laura Norman's Aridland Water Harvesting Study helps lead a tour of a restoration and monitoring project at the Boy Scouts of America, Heard Scout Pueblo (HSP) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Date published: November 21, 2018

The GFSAD30 project accomplished their goal!

The global croplands mapping project has succesfully mapped croplands across the entire planet in order to understand the security of food world wide. Below are many press anouncments and interviews with the project leader Prasad Thenkabail.

Date published: August 17, 2018

USGS Scientist Invited to Present for Society for Range Management

Laura Norman was asked to present her study of Watershed Restoration at the Arizona Section Summer Meeting for the Society for Range Management, "Managing for Resilient Rangelands in Southeast Arizona" by the Rangeland Program Manager at the Coronado National Forest.

Date published: August 13, 2018

Arizona Researchers to Compile First Ever High Resolution Global Cropland Map

A multi-disciplinary team of researchers scattered around the country is gearing up to piece together the world’s first high-resolution map of global croplands, in a cross-institutional collaboration. The team’s goal is to answer the question, “Where is all of our food going to come from when global population reaches 9 billion people?”

Date published: April 17, 2018

The USGS Land Cover Trends Project releases field photos

The U.S. Geological Survery has has open a mapping portal call the Land Cover Trends Field Photo Map. This repository of geographically referenced photos were taken during the field trips for the Land Cover Trends Project.

Date published: December 14, 2017

Calculating Carbon: Tidal Marsh Contributions

Dr. Kristin Byrd, a Research Physical Scientist with the USGS Western Geographic Science Center in Menlo Park, CA presented her work on modeling the aboveground biomass and carbon of tidal marshes across the U.S. Posted on NASA Landsat science page

Date published: August 15, 2017

GFSAD30 mentioned on USGS's Twitter page

International scientists meet in VA this week on global food security.

Date published: August 10, 2017

USGS Partners with Borderlands Restoration Leadership Institute

USGS scientist, Natalie R. Wilson, developed a successful proposal to receive field assistance from the Borderlands Restoration Leadership Institute (BRLI). Starting August 10th, BRLI has awarded a Fellow to assist in monitoring vegetation response to erosion control structures (ECSs) during the 2017 field season.