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Date published: June 16, 2016

USGS Scientist Invited to Present Aridland Water Harvesting Research by State Representative

AZ State Representative Legislative District 2, Rosanna Gabaldón, invited Dr. Laura Norman, Research Physical Scientist, to present her study of the Babocomari Ranch restoration impacts at the University of Arizona South (Sierra Vista) for the Southeast Arizona Citizens’ Forum (SACF).

Date published: May 25, 2016

USGS Scientist to Discuss Restoration Impacts at Hassayampa River Stakeholder Meeting

Laura Norman was asked to provide a presentation at the Hassayampa River Study meeting. Stakeholders in the 3,700 km² watershed are interested in the benefits of hydrologic modeling to assess if stormwater management practices would impact stormflows, sedimentation, and groundwater recharge.

Date published: May 24, 2016

USGS Scientist Invited to Present Research on Aridland Water Harvesting Structures for Land Managers

Dr. Laura Norman was invited to present a broad overview of her research at the Bureau of Reclamation, "Erosion Control Structures" Seminar in Phoenix, AZ.

Date published: May 18, 2016

Changing California Land Uses will Shape Water Demands in 2062

If past patterns of California land-use change continue, projected water needs by the year 2062 will increase beyond current supply.

Date published: April 28, 2016

USGS Scientist Invited to Speak at Stakeholder Meeting in Nogales about Binational Storm Water Infrastructure

The U.S. Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission and the State Department convend a stakeholder meeting in Nogales, Arizona, to discuss the deterioration of storm water infrastructure that affects both the road infrastructure and the Nogales DeConcini port of entry.

Date published: March 5, 2016

Friends of Sonoita Creek to host USGS watershed expert at Annual Meeting

Laura Norman was invited to give the Featured Talk at the Friends of Sonoita Creek (FOSC) Annual Meeting in Patagonia, Arizona, where she has been involved in research for the past 18 years. FOSC is an Arizona non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Sonoita Creek and its watershed.

Date published: March 1, 2016

@KarlTheFog Has Been Mapped!

Within the world of mapping, clouds are a pesky interference to be removed from satellite remote sensed imagery.  However, to many of us, that is a waste of pixels. Cloud maps are becoming increasingly valuable in the quest to understand land cover change and surface processes.

Date published: February 3, 2016

USGS Scientists working with US Forest Service in Sky Island Restoration Collaborative (SIRC)

USGS Scientists helped introduce a shared watershed restoration project in Patagonia, Arizona, to the USFS Southwestern Regional Leadership Team.

Date published: December 9, 2015

USGS Scientist Addresses Advancing Landowner Watershed Restoration in the Southwest

The Western Landowners Alliance (WLA) invited Dr. Laura Norman to present her research on watershed restoration activities, results, and needs for the basin and mountain areas (i.e., the Southwest ecosystem).

Date published: November 20, 2015

USGS helps host conference of resource specialists restoring desert and other arid ecosystems

The Society for Ecological Restoration Southwest Chapter (SER-SW) hosted its first annual conference in Tucson, Arizona.

Date published: November 5, 2015

USGS research in spatially-explicit change models and binational wildlife conservation highlighted at AZ planning conference

Dr. Laura Norman provided an invited talk in the session entitled "Conservation Planning Applications: Towards Resilient Landscapes” at the American Planning Association - Arizona Chapter (AZAPA) Conference in Tucson, Ariz. Conservation planning initiatives are numerous throughout Arizona spanning multiple scales while engaging multiple stakeholders, agencies and jurisdictions.

Date published: October 22, 2015

USGS scientist invited to speak at the Willcox-San Simon NRCD Meeting

The chairman of the Willcox-San Simon Natural Resource Conservation District (NRCD) invited Dr. Laura Norman (USGS) to present her research describing the hydrological response of streams restored with check dams in the West Turkey Creek, Chiricahua Mountains, southeast Arizona.