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Find WGSC employees and their office locations!

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Geographer Itiya P Aneece 928-556-7111
Center Director Susan Benjamin 650-439-2549
Scientist Emeritus Richard L Bernknopf 650-917-8538
Research Physical Scientist Kristin Byrd, Ph.D. 650-439-2279
Geographer Sam Chambers
Administrative Officer Penisten David 650-789-4402
Geographer Daniel J Foley 928-556-7111
Scientist Emeritus Glenn E Griffith 541-754-4465
Geographer Kevin D Henry 503-251-3291
Geographer Jamie L Jones 650-439-2425
Geographer Jeanne M Jones 650-439-2635
Research Geographer Jason Kreitler, Ph.D. 208-426-5217
Research Ecologist Jinxun Liu 650-439-2304
Geographer Barry Russell Middleton 928-600-4217
Computer Scientist Peter Ng 650-429-2541
Supervisory Research Physical Scientist Laura M Norman, Ph.D. 520-670-5510
Geographer Adam J. Oliphant 928-556-7111
Geographer Jeff Peters 650-439-2421
Geographer Roy Petrakis 520-670-6671
Ext: 3406
Research Ecologist Paul C. Selmants 650-439-2273
Supervisory Research Geographer Benjamin Sleeter 253-343-3363
Geographer Britt W Smith
Geographer Daniel G. Sorenson 206-526-2531
Supervisory Research Geographer Christopher Soulard 650-439-2317
Geographer Niky C Taylor
Senior Scientist (ST) Prasad S. Thenkabail, PhD 928-556-7221
Research Geographer Miguel Villarreal, PhD 650-329-4261
Geographer Josh von Nonn
Research Geographer Jessica J Walker 520-670-5019
Research Geographer Cynthia Wallace 520-670-5589
Operations Research Analyst Anne M Wein, Ph.D. 650-439-2463
Physical Scientist Natalie R Wilson 520-670-5517
Research Geographer Tamara Wilson 650-429-2347
Supervisory Research Geographer Nathan J Wood, Ph.D. 503-251-3291
Budget Analyst Emily Yamamoto 650-439-2474