WLCI: Long-term streamflow, water-quality, and groundwater data collection

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Riparian and aquatic ecosystems in semiarid landscapes like Southwest Wyoming contribute substantially to regional biodiversity. Long-term monitoring data that describe streamflow, surface-water quality, and groundwater levels are needed for assessing possible effects of changes in land use on those ecosystems.

With WLCI funding, streamflow and surface-water quality have been monitored at four sites:

WLCI funded streamgages

WLCI funded streamgages (Public domain.)

Groundwater levels are monitored at four sites, and are described in the Groundwater Streamgage section.





In 2017, data collected at these four stream sites were used to describe water-quality trends. Preliminary results of the analyses of surface-water data show that some streams have increased dissolved minerals in the water over time that corresponds to increasing development, while other streams show no change in water quality with similar and even greater development. The report describing the full analyses will be published in 2018.

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