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Moving Points

This section will walk you through the process of moving a point from one location to another. 

To move a point from one location to another:


  1. Select a point and click on the pencil icon to start an editing session. 

View of the edit history window and point representing Aurora Academy.
To move a point, you first need to select it, and then start an editing session by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the editing history window. 


  1. Click and drag the point to the desired location.  

View of Aurora Academy's editing window and a blue line connecting the point from it's original location to it's new location
After starting an editing session on a point, you can click and drag it to the desired location.  Alt text: A point moved to a new location, with a blue line connecting the original location to the new location. 


  1. Zoom in to ensure point is correctly placed. 

Zoomed in aerial image of building with point placed in the center
If moving points long distances, make sure to zoom in on the final location to ensure the point is accurately placed on the center of the correct building or cemetery grounds.