Landsat Missions

Landsat Collection 1 LandsatLook Images

Landsat Collection 1 LandsatLook images are full-resolution files derived from Landsat Collection 1 Level-1 data products. The images are compressed and stretched to create an image optimized for image selection and visual interpretation.

Landsat Collection 1 LandsatLook Image Examples

Examples of Landsat Collection 1 LandsatLook Images, from left to right:  Natural Color Image, Thermal Image, and Quality Image. Images are derived from Landsat 8 Path 45 Row 30 acquired April 23, 2013. 

Landsat Collection 1 LandsatLook Images can be downloaded as individual files for each Landsat scene from EarthExplorerGloVis, or the LandLook Viewer.

Landsat Collection 1 LandsatLook Natural Color Image: a .jpg composite of three bands to show a “natural” looking (false color) image. Reflectance values were calculated from the calibrated scaled digital number (DN) image data. The reflectance values were scaled to a 1-255 range using a gamma stretch with a gamma=2.0. This stretch was designed to emphasize vegetation without clipping the extreme values.

Landsat 8 OLI = Bands 6,5,4
Landsat 7 ETM+ and Landsat 4-5 TM = Bands 5,4,3
Landsat 4-5 MSS = Bands 2,4,1
Landsat 1-3 MSS = Bands 7,5,4

Landsat Collection 1 LandsatLook Thermal Image: a one-band gray scale .jpg image that displays thermal properties of a Landsat scene. Image brightness temperature values were calculated from the calibrated scaled digital number (DN) image data. An image specific 2 percent clip and a linear stretch to 1-255 were applied to the brightness temperature values.

Landsat 8 TIRS = Band 10
Landsat 7 ETM+ = Band 61-high gain
Landsat 4-5 TM = Band 6
Landsat 1-5 MSS = not available

Landsat Collection 1 LandsatLook Quality Image: 8-bit files generated from the Landsat Level-1 Quality Band to provide a quick view of the quality of the pixels within the scene to determine if a particular scene would work best for the user's application. This file includes values representing bit-packed combinations of surface, atmosphere, and sensor conditions that can affect the overall usefulness of a given pixel. Color mapping assignments can be seen in the image below.  

Landsat Collection 1 LandsatLook 8-bit Quality Image Designations

This image displays the Quality Image designations and associated colors for Landsat Collection 1 LandsatLook 8-bit images. 

Landsat Collection 1 LandsatLook Images are included as options when downloading Landsat scenes from EarthExplorerGloVis, or the LandLook Viewer. For each Landsat scene, LandsatLook Quality images can be downloaded individually in .jpg format, or as a GeoTIFF (.TIF) when downloading the LandsatLook Images with Geographic Reference file. 

Landsat Collection 1 LandsatLook Images with Geographic Reference
The LandsatLook Image with Geographic Reference is a .zip file bundle that contains the Natural Color, Thermal, and the 8-bit Quality images in georeferenced GeoTiff (.TIF) file format.

It is recommended that these images not be used for scientific analysis.