Landsat Missions

Landsat Shapefiles and KML Files


Landsat Collection 1 U.S. Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tile Grid

The U.S. Landsat ARD tiling grid is used for Collection 1 Landsat 4-8 ARD

Tile Grid Maps -  CONUS    AK     HI

Tile Grid Shapefiles -  CONUS    AK     HI


Landsat Path/Row World Reference System (WRS) 

WRS is a global notation used in cataloging Landsat data. Landsat satelllites 1, 2 and 3 followed WRS-1, and Landsat satellites 4,5,7 , and 8 follow WRS-2.  

Worldwide Maps - Display the center points of all WRS path/rows:   Ascending (nighttime)     Descending (daytime)

Routine Path/Rows -   Alaska       Hawaii     Conterminous United States

WRS-2 Corner Points -  All Path/Rows

Shapefiles - The WRS-1 and WRS-2 Path/Row shapefiles  display scene boundaries and geographic coordinates and can be uploaded into image processing software.

WRS-1 (Landsat 1-Landsat 3) Descending (daytime) Ascending (nighttime)
WRS-2 (Landsat 4- Landsat 8) Descending (daytime) Ascending (nighttime)
Geographic coverage: -180 to 180 degrees longitude, -82.6 to 82.6 degrees latitude
Projection information: Geographic
Units: Decimal Degrees (DD)
Datum: WGS84
Region attribute for the path/row is "pr."

KML Files

The keyhole markup language (KML) files can be loaded into Google Earth or other geospatial software that implements KML encoding.