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Landsat Tools

Various files, tools, converters, and information to help better understand Landat acquisitions and data. 

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Landsat Data Acquisitions

Visit the Landsat Data Acquisitions Overview Page

Acquisitions Calendars: View Landsat 8 and Landsat 7 paths scheduled to be acquired on any day. 

Pending Acquisitions & Archive: Display paths and download files containing the paths that were acquired on any day. 


Spectral Characteristics Viewer

Spectral Characteristics Viewer:  Allows users to determine which satellite bands are best suited for their research application.


Download Landsat Metadata

Landsat Bulk Metadata Service: Extract scene metadata from the Landsat inventory for Landsat-related datasets. 


Calibration/Validation Tools

Solar Illumination and Sensor Viewing Angle Band Tools: Allow users to create angle bands in a LINUX environment.

Calibration Parameter Files: Provide radiometric and geometric coefficients needed for processing of raw, uncorrected Landsat image data. 

Bias Parameter Files: Supply radiometric correction parameters that are applied during Level-1 processing of Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS data.

Response Linearization Look Up Tables:  Additional files that accompany Calibration Parameter Files (CPF) and contain a mapping look up table to linearize the output of the Landsat 8  OLI and TIRS detectors.



Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tile Conversion Tool: Converts Landsat WRS-2 path/rows or latitude/longitude coordinates into corresponding Landsat ARD tiles.

Landsat Path/Row - Latitude/Longitude Conversion Tool: Allows the entry of latitude/longitude coordinates to calcuate the corresponding Landsat path/rows.


Quality Assessment Tools

Landsat Quality Assessment (QA) Tools:  Improve interpretation, mapping and application of Landsat quality information.



Landsat Product Subscription Service: Submit standing requests to be notified when data meeting specified criteria is added to the USGS Landsat data archive.

Landsat Updates: Sign up to receive periodic emails containing latest news and Landsat data announcments. 

Landsat RSS Feeds:  Receive notification when new information is added to a variety of Landsat-related tools. 


Shapefiles, ARD tile grid and WRS maps, KML Files

Landsat ARD Tile Grids, WRS Maps, and KML Files: Download files of worldwide maps showing, routine path/rows, a spreadsheet of WRS-2 corner points, and also both ascending and descending shapefile, and KML files. 


Other Helpful Information

Landsat Level-1 Conversion Equations: Information on coverting to Top of atmosphere (TOA) radiance, TOA reflectance, and TOA brightness temperature. 

EarthNow!: Watch live and recent acquisitions of Landsat 7 and Landsat 8.

Landsat 7 Scan Line Corrector (SLC) -off Gap Phase Statistic Calculator: Allows users to enter the Gap Phase Statistic values of two Landsat 7 scenes to determine the approximate area that would be covered by combining the two selected scenes.

Landsat Ground Control Point Search: Extract ground control point binary files from the USGS EROS GCP Library over an area of interest. 

Lansdat 7 Definitive Ephemeris:  Definitive Ephemeris is used for geometrically correcting Landsat 7 data.