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USGS Data Management Resources

Resources from each topic covered on the USGS Data Management Website.

Data Management Body of Knowledge 2nd Edition*

The "DAMA guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge 2nd Edition" (DAMA-DMBOK2) is a comprehensive resource for those involved in any aspect of data management. Produced by the Data Management Association, the DAMA-DMBOK2 covers topics such as data governance, data architecture, data security, data warehousing, document and content management, data quality, metadata, and professional development, among others. The "DAMA Dictionary of Data Management" contains over 2,000 entries covering various data management terms. These files are licensed for distribution to USGS personnel only, and are available as two separate PDF files:

  • DAMA guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge 2nd Edition (DAMA-DMBOK2) (6.3 MB PDF)

    [Available to USGS employees from the USGS Library Catalog]

  • DAMA Dictionary of Data Management (2.1 MB PDF)

    [Available to USGS employees from the USGS Library Catalog]

If you have trouble accessing either of these files, please contact (

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USGS Office of Science Quality and Integrity Resources



The following files are available throughout the Web site; we have collected them here for easy access.


External Resources

  • CURATE Checklists: The Data Curation Network has developed a series of checklists to help their curators through the data curation steps
  • Data Curation Primers: Data curation primers are interactive, living documents that detail a specific subject, disciplinary area or curation task and that can be used as a reference to curate research data. For example, there are primers detailing how to curate data in particular formats such as Excel, MSAccess, Geodatabase, netCDF, etc.