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Surface Elevation Table Measurements at Five Tidal Marshes Across the San Francisco Bay-Delta (2016-2019)

June 14, 2022

Surface elevation tables with marker horizons (SET-MH) measure millimeter-scale changes in elevation over time. A combination of pin measurements (elevation change) and surface deposition measurements (marker horizon) is used to distinguish elevation changes due to belowground and aboveground processes. SET-MHs were installed in 2016 and were measured quarterly across five tidal marshes (Petaluma marsh, San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Rush Ranch, Browns Island, and Miners Slough). These data support the following publication: Thorne, K., Jones, S., Freeman, C., Buffington, K., Janousek, C., and Guntenspergen, G. 2022. Atmospheric river storm flooding influences tidal marsh elevation building processes. Journal of Geophysical [...]