Climate Adaptation Science Centers

North Central CASC

Scientists in the North Central region are working to understand how sagebrush and invasive grasses will respond to changes in climate, how future lake temperatures will impact fish populations, how shifts in prairie pothole wetlands will impact critical waterfowl habitats, and much more. 

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Map of the North Central CASC showing consortium members

Map of the North Central CASC region and consortium members. Click to enlarge.

  • University of Colorado at Boulder (Host)
  • University of Montana
  • South Dakota State University
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Conservation Science Partners
  • Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance

Past consortium members: 2011-2018: Colorado State University (Host), Colorado School of Mines, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Iowa State University, University of Wyoming, Montana State University, Kansas State University


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Nicole M DeCrappeo, Ph.D.

Center Director
Northwest CASC and North Central CASC
Phone: 541-750-1021

Aparna Bamzai-Dodson

Deputy Director, North Central CASC
North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center
Phone: 970-889-1231

Wiliam Travis, Ph.D.

University Director, North Central CASC
University of Colorado Boulder