Climate Adaptation Science Centers

Southeast CASC

Southeast CASC supported scientists are working to understand how future sea level rise will impact coastal wildlife refuges and National Park lands, how habitat conditions might change for wildlife in the Pine Rockland ecosystem of South Florida and other areas, how wildlife corridors and connectivity may be impacted by climate change, and much more.

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Map of the Southeast CASC showing consortium members

Map of the Southeast CASC region and consortium members. Click to enlarge.


  • North Carolina State University (Host)
  • Auburn University
  • Duke University
  • University of Florida
  • University of South Carolina
  • University of Tennessee


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Katherine Smith, Ph.D.

Center Director
Northeast and Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Centers
Phone: 828-200-4885

Ryan Boyles, Ph.D.

Deputy Director, Southeast CASC
Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center
Phone: 919-513-2816

D. Derek Aday, Ph.D.

University Director, Southeast CASC
North Carolina State University
Phone: 919-513-7568