Gulf Coast Petroleum Systems Project - Research

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This site highlights the research on the processes that impact the formation, accumulation, occurrence and alteration of hydrocarbon energy resources of the Gulf Coast of Mexico.  This portion of the project also conducts assessments of undiscovered, technically recoverable hydrocarbon resources.  The Gulf Coast Petroleum Systems Project focuses on the onshore and State waters portion of the Gulf Coast basin. 

Research is a fundamental part of the assessment process, as it provides new data and interpretations to better inform the geologic models that underpin the assessment results. The Gulf Coast Petroleum Systems Project has ongoing research in several areas, but is generally focused on understanding the stratigraphic and structural evolution of the Gulf Coast region, and/or petroleum system processes in general. We have recently drilled three research cores behind the outcrop in the Eagle Ford Group, which is one of the most productive continuous hydrocarbon plays in North America. The cores were drilled near Waco, Dallas and Uvalde, Texas, and provide important information on lateral variability of this unit. Ongoing research is focused on differences in the mineralogy, geochemistry and trace element content between the cores. We have also partnered with the University of Texas-Austin/Bureau of Economic Geology, Texas A&M University and Texas Christian University for further study of these important cores. Additional ongoing research tasks include characterization of the stratigraphic and petroleum system framework of the Tuscaloosa Group; investigation of the eastern limit of key Mesozoic source rocks of the eastern Gulf Coast; reconstruction of the stratigraphic and structural evolution, and petroleum migration history, of Maverick basin; and the provenance and petrography of Jurassic to Cenozoic reservoir-forming sandstones.  Much of this research is done in coordination with various external collaborators.

Listed on this site are the publications related to our research as well as related data, FAQ's, news articles and more.  Information related Gulf Coast Petroleum Systems Project's Oil and Gas Assessments are found on Gulf Coast Petroleum Systems Project - Assessment page