What are U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD)?

U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) are pre-packaged and pre-processed bundles of Landsat data products that make the Landsat archive more accessible and easier to analyze, and reduce the amount of time users spend on data processing for time-series analysis.

ARD contains Level-2 products derived from Landsat Collections Level-1 scenes. ARD are tiled, georegistered, top of atmosphere, and atmospherically corrected products defined in a common projection for immediate use in monitoring and assessing landscape change.

Data product information and processing details, packaging specifications, and documentation are on the U.S. Landsat ARD webpage.

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How do I search for and download Landsat data?

Landsat data products held in the USGS archives can be searched and downloaded at no charge from a variety of sources. Visit the Landsat Data Access web page for information about how Landsat data products can be downloaded individually or in bulk. Landsat imagery not found in the USGS archive might have been collected by one of the USGS...

Can Landsat Collection Real-Time scenes be used in my research?

Landsat Collections Real-Time (RT) data provide temporary data within 12 hours of acquisition in support of the International Charter to help mitigate the effects of disasters on human life and property. The RT tier contains data received from Landsat 8 and Landsat 7 immediately after acquisition. Estimated radiometric and geometric calibration...

What are Landsat Collection Tiers?

Landsat Collection Tiers are the inventory structure for Level-1 data products and are based on data quality and level of processing. The tier definition purpose is to support easier identification of suitable scenes for time-series pixel-level analysis, and provide temporary data that are processed immediately upon downlink to be dispensed...

What are Landsat Collections?

In 2016, the USGS reorganized the Landsat archive into a tiered collection. This structure ensures that Landsat Level-1 products provide a consistent archive of known data quality to support time-series analyses and data “stacking”, while controlling continuous improvement of the archive and access to all data as they are acquired. Learn more:...

What are the band designations for the Landsat satellites?

The sensors aboard each of the Landsat satellites were designed to acquire data in different ranges of frequencies along the electromagnetic spectrum ( View Bandpass Wavelengths for all Landsat Sensors ). The Multispectral Scanner (MSS) carried on Landsat 1,2,3,4 and 5 collected data in four ranges (bands); the Thematic Mapper (TM) sensor on...

What Landsat data products are available?

There are several Landsat data products that are useful for science applications and land use/land change studies: Landsat Collections Level 1 - Ensures that the data in the Landsat Level-1 archive are consistent in processing and data quality to support time-series analyses and data stacking. Each Level-1 data product includes individual spectral...

What are LandsatLook images?

LandsatLook images are full-resolution .jpeg files that are included as options when downloading Landsat data from EarthExplorer , GloVis , or via the LandsatLook Viewer . These are useful for simple visual interpretation without the need for specialized software. LandsatLook products include: LandsatLook "Natural Color" Image (3-band composite)...
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Date published: July 5, 2018

A Testimonial for Analysis Ready Data

Jim Vogelmann discovered something interesting about Analysis Ready Data (ARD) these last few months as he and his colleagues worked on finding a better way to quantify fire risk in the Great Basin of the western United States.

ARD, Vogelmann learned, works really well.

Date published: November 8, 2017

USGS Releases Landsat Analysis Ready Data

Application scientists who download and prepare large amounts of Landsat scene-based data for time-series investigative analysis now will have that preparatory work greatly reduced for them through Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) recently released by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Date published: March 24, 2017

New “Landsat Collections” Help Facilitate Land Change Science

Access to consistent high-quality images to study changes on Earth’s surface is getting easier. The USGS Landsat standard (Level-1) product inventory is now structured by data quality and offers improved calibration. Data designated as Tier 1 provide the highest accuracy and can be reliably used to analyze changes to Earth’s surface over time.

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U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tiles
June 21, 2018

U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tiles

These images represent the image data and fill amounts that can be found in various U.S. Landsat ARD tiles.  All of these images are from tile h26V08, each acquired a different day. From left to right:  Landsat 8, May 11, 2015. Landsat 4 TM, November 25, 1982. Landsat 8, July 2, 2014. Landsat 5 TM, March 7, 2009. 

U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) tile h05v02 overlay on Landsat 8 WRS-2 path 44 row 27
June 20, 2018

U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tile Overlay on Landsat Scene

This image shows the coverage of ARD tile h05v02 (outlined in white) compared to the WRS-2 path 44 row 27 image covering an area in central Washington state. The ARD tile also includes data from rows 26 and 28. 

U.S. Landsat ARD Product ID: LC08_CU_005002_20130603_20170713_C01_V01
Lansdsat 8 Scene Product ID: LC08_L1TP_044027_20130603_20170310_01_T1

February 1, 2018

Landsat 8: 5-Year Anniversary

February 11 will mark the 5th anniversary of the launch of Landsat 8! 

Since 2013, over 1.1 million scenes have been acquired, adding to the Landsat archive which started almost 45 years ago, and continue to help support studies in agriculture, forest and water quality/use/management, natural disasters, and land change. 

The Landsat Program is a series of

November 7, 2017

Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD)

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has improved Landsat data quality and usability through the creation of Analysis Ready Data (ARD) for the conterminous United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. Landsat ARD greatly reduces the preparatory work currently required to do time-series analysis for understanding landscape change for operational and science users. Landsat Collections

Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tiles
January 30, 2016

Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tiles

U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tile Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS Surface Reflectance January 30, 2016, Tile ID CONUS Horizontal 018, Vertical 014

Hawaii Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tiles

Hawaii Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tiles

This image displays the U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tiles covering Hawaii.  Visit the U.S. Landsat ARD page for more information. 

Alaska Landsat Collection 1 Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tile Grid

Alaska Landsat Collection 1 Analysis Ready Data Tile Grid

This image displays the Landsat Collection 1 U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tiles covering Alaska. 

Visit the U.S. Landsat ARD page for more information. 

Conterminous U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tiles

Conterminous U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tiles

This image displays the U.S. Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Tiles covering the conterminous United States (CONUS).  Visit the U.S. Landsat ARD page for more information.