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As the floods rise does the Lakewood Field Office

Submitted by Betty Palcsak, Southwest Region, to the employees of the Lakewood Field Office

The Lakewood Field Office rose to the call during the historic flooding that took place Sept. 9-15, 2013, along the Front Range of Colorado. They gathered the facts, figured out a course of action, and took care of business efficiently, safely, and without complaint. They made numerous high-water measurements and emergency repairs under dangerous conditions. In addition to that critical work needed to understand just what the flooding means to our water resources, they began the arduous task of repairing and rebuilding more than 15 streamgages. And then October 1 introduced the government shutdown, and several hydrologic technicians continued to work on the flood damaged gages while everyone else was sent home. During all of this, I never heard a complaint. They took care of business quickly and safely with the utmost professionalism.



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