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Peer Support Workers of the Rocky Mountain Region

The Peer Support Worker Program was created to promote awareness and provide outreach and education on topics and policies related to anti-harassment, discrimination, biases, and scientific integrity, and is led by the USGS Civility and Inclusion Council. For more information, please contact the Civility and Inclusion Council Chair (Tina Roberts-Ashby).

USGS Rocky Mountain Region

Colorado  |  New Mexico  |  Utah



     Denver Federal Center—Lakewood, CO

          Jessica Driscoll, Hydrologist,, 303-236-4979


     Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry Science Center—Lakewood, CO 

          Jade Crosbie, Geophysicist,, 303-236-1351

          JoAnn Holloway, Research Physical Scientist,, 303-236-2449

          Christopher Holm-Denoma, Research Geologist,, 303-236-5454

Chris (he/him/his) is a Research Geologist in the Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry Science Center in Denver. His research interests are in Geochronology using Laser Ablation ICPMS and Ion Probe methods and Tectonics of orogenic and mineralizing systems. Chris is involved in research projects throughout the U.S. but mainly focused in Alaska and the Appalachians—he is also involved in projects overseas in western Africa and Asia. He has participated in the URGE (Unlearning Racism in the Geosciences) program and hopes that what he learned through the URGE curriculum and other experiences at the USGS make him a positive contributor to the Peer Support Worker Program. 

Colorado Water Science Center—Lakewood, CO 

          Rebecca Travis, Hydrologist,, 505-830-7991

Rebecca Travis started her USGS career in 2012 working at the former Indiana Water Science Center as a Physical Scientist. In 2016, she began work as a Hydrologist at the New Mexico Water Science where she has focused her efforts on studying anthropogenic contamination. In 2023, she became the Water Quality Specialist at the Colorado Water Science Center. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the Denver area, hiking, sewing and reading. She became a peer support work in hopes of raising awareness and providing her coworkers with safe and equitable environment.

New Mexico

     New Mexico Water Science Center—Albuquerque, NM

          Tyson Hatch, Hydrologic Technician,, 505-331-7940



     National Climate Adaptation Science Center—Salt Lake City, UT

          Elda Varela Minder, Research Associate,, 801-908-5009

          Morgan McDonnell, Hydrologist,

Morgan (she/her) is a Hydrologist at the Utah Water Science Center, where her work includes Great Salt Lake and Colorado River Basin studies. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and birding throughout Utah.