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Upward Mobility Program Processing Procedures

The following procedures will be followed when filling positions under the Upward Mobility Program:

  1. Managers and supervisors will submit position descriptions for both the entry and target positions (and bridge position if applicable) to the Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) along with an FPPS recruitment action.
  2. Upon receipt of the above FPPS recruitment action and position descriptions, the SPO will classify the positions. The SPO will work with the manager to develop questions (and drop down boxes) designed to measure applicants' potential and ability to succeed; issue the Upward Mobility Program vacancy announcement; work with the manager to determine the cut-off scores for referrals, if needed; and handle all steps of the recruitment.
  3. When preparing vacancy announcements, SPOs are to use the following remarks in the vacancy announcement:
    • Eligibility Requirements: This remark describes the area of consideration. Select whether the Upward Mobility Program opportunity is open to DOI employees or just to USGS employees.
    • Entry/Target/Career Ladder: This remark briefly describes the Upward Mobility Program and identifies the entry position, the bridge position (if applicable), the target position, and the career ladder of the target position.
  4. The Training Plan will be filed on the left side of the Official Personnel Folder. In addition, the SPO will maintain an Upward Mobility Program training file for each trainee. All quarterly and annual evaluations will be maintained in this folder.
  5. Upon successful completion of the training program, the supervisor will submit the final evaluation to the SPO along with certification that the trainee has successful completed the training program and is ready to be placed in the target position. The SPO will then process the action to place the trainee into the target position. The following remark is to be included on the SF-50: E37 "Satisfactorily completed training prescribed under training agreement. Meets basic qualifications for other positions in this series."

There is also additional guidance available on Pay Retention as it pertains to Upward Mobility.


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