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USGS Volunteer for Science Program Memo

September 21, 2011

In Reply Refer To:
Mail Stop 601

To:           All Supervisors and Managers
From:      S. Kaye Cook /signed
Subject:  USGS Volunteer for Science Program

I am pleased to announce the launch of the newly revised Volunteer for Science Handbook (superseded by Volunteer For Science Handbook, 500-23-H, February 2013). Please share the Handbook with your staff and volunteers, as appropriate. The major revisions to the Handbook include updated information on the Volunteer Services Agreement, the government volunteer web site, safety requirements and approvals.

Additionally, the USGS is now part of, a new interagency Web portal for volunteer recruitment. The Portal is a product of the collaborative efforts of a Federal Interagency Team on Volunteerism (FITV) that includes representatives from different agencies dedicated to the coordination and exchange of information about federally administered volunteer programs that focus on preserving natural and cultural resources. The primary purpose of the Portal is to allow volunteer coordinators to post volunteer positions online and then review the applications submitted by citizens. The Portal provides applicants with all that they need to find a volunteer opportunity, and serves to help them make the best match possible between their personal requirements and their choice of volunteer work.

Volunteer programs have high visibility within the government, including the Department of the Interior. Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and have the skills and knowledge to contribute to many aspects of our work. Your participation in this program is another way to reach out to your local communities to gain their involvement and support.

If you have a project opportunity that can be filled by a volunteer, you are encouraged to participate in the Volunteer for Science Program. Please contact Barbara Gunderson at


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