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USGS Workforce Planning Toolkit

The Workforce Planning Toolkit is designed to give a consistent approach to the planning process and developing a workforce plan, so that workforce plans at various organizational levels have the same common elements, such as a description of the future workforce needed and strategies to address workforce gaps. The content of a workforce plan will be different based on the level of planning.

For example, workforce planning at the bureau level will be broad, thematic, and strategic; while workforce planning at the center level will have a combination of strategic and operational content.

Below are two sets of guidance to assist you with workforce planning. The first set of tools is appropriate at any level of the organization and provides overarching guidance and templates. The second set of tools is specifically for Centers and Offices, where Center and Office Directors are the primary audience and user of the tools. Both approaches can assist you in the planning process and the development of a workforce plan.

Additional guidance and training on the Workforce Planning Toolkit can be found on our Guidance and Training page

At all organizational levels, the following tools are applicable:

At the Center and Office level, the following tools are applicable:

  • Center and Office level Workforce Plan Template — Word | PDF
  • Center and Office level Workforce Plan Example — Word | PDF
  • Example Organization Chart — xslx | PDF
  • Key Strategic Directions
  • Standard Data Elements for Center and Office level Workforce Plans — xslx | PDF


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