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Web Tools

Web Tools provide interactive access to USGS information about Pennsylvania's water resources.

As of 2023, Philadelphia Area Groundwater Level Network is part of Pennsylvania Groundwater Watch. 

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Philadelphia Water Resources Monitoring

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) and USGS have been working together to create and expand the water-quality monitoring network for Philadelphia. Data from these gaging stations will allow PWD scientists and engineers to monitor spatial and temporal water quality/quantity trends in support of watershed restoration initiatives occurring in Philadelphia. 

Assessing stream sediment conditions in Chester County, PA

Since 2007, the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with Chester County has monitored the amount of sediment transported by local streams. This geonarrative describes the sediment and turbidity monitoring conducted as part of the Chester County - U.S. Geological Survey Cooperative Water Resources Program.

Pennsylvania Drought Condition Web Tool

The Pennsylvania Drought Condition Web Tool shows the current drought status for each county and hydrologic conditions for precipitation, streamflow, groundwater levels, and Palmer Drought Index used by PADEP for drought monitoring.


Hurricane Ida: USGS Response in Pennsylvania to September 1-2, 2021, Flooding Related to Remnants of Hurricane Ida

This geonarrative is an interactive online presentation of the USGS Pennsylvania Water Science Center's data collection efforts related to Hurricane Ida. This geonarrative includes a summary of the storm in Pennsylvania, USGS data collection methods, embedded interactive maps of flood extents in 5 southeastern Pennsylvania localities, and visual depictions of the storm’s impact across the state.

Flood Data Collection in Pennsylvania - Rapid Deployment Network

USGS is helping identify potential locations in Pennsylvania where additional or updated water-level data may be needed during or after major storm events. Pre-identification of these locations supports expedited decision-making for site selection, resulting in safer and more timely installation of flood monitoring instruments.

Pennsylvania Groundwater Watch

Pennsylvania Groundwater Watch provides access to groundwater level data from 108 sites in the USGS Active Groundwater Level Network for Adams, Chester, Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Pike Counties. 

Chester County (Pennsylvania) Monitoring Networks

Since 1969, the Pennsylvania Water Science Center has had a cooperative program with Chester County to measure and describe water resources. Cooperation has been primarily with the Chester County Water Resources Authority, with participation from the Chester County Health Department.

The Chester County Monitoring Network web tool provides near real-time water data. 

Pennsylvania Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network Data Exploration Tool

USGS Pennsylvania Water Science Center, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, samples 28 wells biannually to monitor ambient groundwater quality conditions in a variety of settings throughout Pennsylvania. The most recent results for selected constituents can be accessed through the Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network Data Exploration Tool.

Mapping Radon in Pennsylvania's Groundwater

Radon, a colorless and odorless gas, is commonly found in groundwater in Pennsylvania. This web tool allows interactive display of Pennsylvania Water Science Center measurements of radon in groundwater samples from wells. All data presented here is publicly available and a data download tool is provided that will output all currently-displayed data. 

Pennsylvania Real-Time Water Quality

Real-time computed concentrations of water-quality constituents such as suspended sediment and fecal coliform bacteria are calculated using ordinary least squares regression models. The results of these models, along with direct water-quality measurements, can be viewed here as time-series graphs, or downloaded as tabular data.

National Water Dashboard (NWD)

The National Water Dashboard (NWD) is a mobile, interactive tool that provides real-time information on water levels, weather, and flood forecasts - all in one place on a computer, smartphone, or other mobile device. The NWD presents real-time stream, lake and reservoir, precipitation, and groundwater data from more than 13,500 USGS observation stations across the country.

2012 SPARROW Models for the Northeast: Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, Suspended Sediment, and Streamflow

2012 SPARROW (SPAtially Referenced Regressions On Watershed attributes) interactive mappers are available for 5 regions of the conterminous U.S. These mappers simulate river streamflow, and nutrient and sediment loads and yields, that would occur under long-term average hydrologic conditions for the time period 1999 through 2014, and source inputs that occurred during or near 2012.