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Our scientists, technicians, technology, and administrative professionals are committed to providing accurate and timely scientific information to Virginia, West Virginia, and the Nation. See the links below to connect with us on social media, by phone, or by e-mail for more information about our work. 

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologic Technician Dennis W. Adams 276-783-6191
Ext: 0024
Hydrologist Samuel H. Austin 804-261-2620
Hydrologic Technician Robert B. Banks 804-261-2624
Center Director Mark R. Bennett 804-261-2643
Information Technology Specialist Mark A. Board 304-347-5130
Ext: 0287
Hydrologic Technician Freddie D. Brogan 304-347-5130
Ext: 0340
Hydrologist Samuel Harrison Caldwell 804-381-8381
Hydrologic Technician Taylor W. Calloway 276-783-6191
Ext: 0023
Water Quality Specialist/Biologist Douglas B. Chambers 304-347-5130
Ext: 231
Hydrologist Jeff G. Chanat 804-261-2618
Hydrologist Gregory T. Connock, Ph.D 804-441-3238
Hydrologic Technician Richie Dang
Office Automation Clerk Amanda M. DePaul 804-261-2601
Physical Scientist James M. Duda 804-261-2610
Administrative Operations Assistant Matthew E. Ellis 304-347-5130
Ext: 221
Geographer Kaycee E. Faunce
Hydrologist Brendan Foster 804-261-2658
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Mark A. Gress 304-724-4509
Hydrologic Technician Katherine Grindle 304-347-5130
Ext: 0228
Hydrologist (Geophy.) Charles Edward Heywood 970-318-0796
Hydrologic Technician Amanda L. Hodges 804-261-2649
Administrative Officer Allison N. Hughart 304-347-5130
Ext: 0222
Chief, Watershed Studies Section John D. Jastram 804-261-2648
Hydrologist Rowan A. Johnson
Hydrologic Technician Wesley M. Justice 304-347-5130
Ext: 0227
Geographer Chintamani Kandel 804-261-2626
Hydrologist Matthew R. Kearns 304-347-5130
Hydrologist (Groundwater Specialist) Mark D. Kozar 304-542-2594
Ext: 0234
Program Analyst Roxanne H. Lamb 804-261-2653
Hydrologic Technician James K. Lambert 804-261-2608
Hydrologist Robert R. Lotspeich
Hydrologist Carly Maas
Hydrologic Technician Christopher Macpherson 304-724-4441
Physical Scientist Christopher Allen Mason 804-261-2613
Hydrologist Mitchell McAdoo 304-347-5130
Ext: 0286
Chief, Water Budget Branch Kurt McCoy 804-261-2656
Physical Scientist Terence Messinger 304-347-5130
Ext: 270
Hydrologist Samuel A. Miller 740-603-6999
Associate Director for Studies Douglas L. Moyer 804-261-2634
Information Technology Specialist Jason Polychrones 804-261-2645
Hydrologist Jason P. Pope 765-577-0705
Physical Scientist Aaron J. Porter 804-261-2628
Hydrologic Technician Bryan P. Pula 304-724-4510
Hydrologic Technician Terriel D. Reeves 304-347-5130
Ext: 0238
Hydrologic Technician Lary K. Rogers 304-347-5130
Ext: 0245
Hydrologic Technician Howard D. Ross 804-261-2625
Geographer Katherine A. Schipke 304-347-5130
Ext: 0236
Hydrologic Technician James D. Scott 304-347-5130
Ext: 0247
Information Technology Specialist Andrew F. Shearin 804-261-2611
Hydrologist Gary Shenk
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Alyssa Melberg Thornton 804-261-2609
Hydrologic Technician Chelsea N. Vande Pol 804-261-2622
Hydrologist James Webber 804-261-2621
Associate Director for Data Shaun M. Wicklein 804-399-9929