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Samuel Harrison Caldwell

Sam Caldwell joined the U.S. Geological Survey as a Pathways Student in 2018 and was converted to a hydrologist in 2019.

Sam's work is mainly centered on understanding groundwater dynamics in the Virginia Coastal Plain using groundwater level analysis, electromagnetic resistivity techniques, photogrammetry, and various scales and types of other remote sensing data.

Much of Sam's project work focuses on the Virginia Coastal Plain in Virginia Beach and the Eastern shore. He leads a groundwater level and specific conductivity monitoring network in Virginia Beach that includes an electromagnetic induction logging network to monitor for saltwater intrusion, as well as a groundwater quality sampling element. Additionally, he is responsible for an electromagnetic induction logging network on the Eastern Shore of Virginia to monitor for salwater intrusion. He also leads a water quality sampling effort in Suffolk, VA in collaboration with the Hampton Roads Sanitation District's SWIFT project monitoring how treated wastewater injected into the Potomac aqufer is affecting and moving through the nearby groundwater system. He has worked on several remote sensing and photogrammetry projects at a variety of scales with LSPIV, visual light, multispectral, and thermal infrared imagery.