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Douglas C Kreiner

Doug Kreiner is a Research Geologist at the Alaska Science Center.

Doug joined the USGS in late 2016 following 5 and a half years in the mineral exploration industry. His research involves field-based studies of fluid-rock interactions in the upper crust and the time-space genesis of mineral deposits with a particular interest in the links between regional scale tectonic processes and metallogenesis of Cu and Au dominant systems. Current projects focus on the metallogenic evolution of eastern interior Alaska, characterization, documentation and geochronology of porphyry deposits across Alaska, developing a mineral systems framework for Alaska, and attempting to understand where, how, and why critical mineral enrichments occur in Alaska mineral systems. Kreiner earned a BS in Geosciences and Environmental Studies at Northland College (2004), his M.S. from Colorado State University (2006) and his PhD from University of Arizona (2011).