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Jonathan Morrison

Jon Morrison is a Chief of the Applied Hydrology Branch in the New England Water Science Center.

Jon earned a BS degree in Environmental Earth Science from Eastern Connecticut State University in 1988 and a MS from the University of Connecticut in Natural Resources in 1998.

Jon began his career with the USGS over 30 years ago. During that time, he has developed extensive experience in streamflow measurements and water-quality monitoring. He currently serves as the Supervisor of the Water Quality Networks Section. In his current positions Jon’s primary responsibility is managing the operation of the statewide cooperative water quality monitoring networks in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Jon also oversees water quality projects in the major tributaries to Long Island Sound as well as several other projects monitoring nutrient loads to Long Island Sound. He coordinates the various federal, state and local partners that actively collaborate on the monitoring networks. In addition, he has conducted several studies and published several USGS reports on nutrient transport and water-quality issues in Connecticut.

 Jon is currently working on issues related to nitrogen and organic carbon transport in the Connecticut River and phosphorus transport in the Housatonic and Quinipiac Rivers.