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Patrick Hutchins

Patrick Hutchins manages the laboratory spaces at NOROCK and conducts research in detection of rare/cryptic species using molecular tools. His investigations range from threatened/endangered species to invasives to parasites. He has extensive experience in designing/validating molecular markers for eDNA and population genetics studies and has designed programming tools for qPCR curve analysis.

My laboratory experience ranges from fish dissection and histological, microscopy, and molecular sample preparation and preservation to next generation high throughput sequencing library preparation. I have extensive experience with methods pertaining to environmental DNA (eDNA) sample collection, processing, and analysis. My analytical skills span advanced curve analysis and transformation methods, linear and non-linear modeling, and both frequentist and Bayesian statistical methods. I am proficient with the R programming language and am familiar with Python. Regarding field-base skills, I am comfortable with coastal marine and inland waters motorized and non-motorized boat operation, multi-day backcountry operations under adverse conditions, being in the presence of large carnivores, and electrofishing with backpack, barge, and boat shocking equipment. I also have extensive experience operating handheld, electric, and heavy equipment for construction and carpentry tasks.